Saturday, April 28, 2012

Haul from Seoul Part 1

This is what I get from Seoul ~~~

Muahhahaha so much of them !!! This is because their cosmetic products  price are super duper cheap is like having a SALE over there!!! Mostly are cheaper 50% more!!! and their are super generous in giving more samples when you make your purchase with them!! Below are some products that I manage to take picture for part one to share ~~

Got this eye liner from Nature Republic since I'm not so pro in drawing eye liner this 3-Dot eye liner it is a helpful eye liner plus it is water proof!!! it cost less than RM20 after I convert it with my exchange rate hahaha~~

The most reviewed mascara from Holika Holika~~~ Bought the Magic pole mascara to try out since I'm running out of mascara lately ~~ Can't wait to try it out and when I'm back to Malaysia I found out that Holika Holika are going to have a few outlet in Malaysia OMG~~~  First time I saw it in a small corner of counter in One Utama Isetan I was shock and then later one I saw some picture of Holika Holika at times square~~ But the price definitely higher than Seoul ~~

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore clay mask. Test it in Seoul it really does the cleaning job.

Banila Co. Primer primer bought this cause I dont have a primer ~~~ cost about RM60 if not mistaken, that time they having promotion on buying their 3 different types of primer. Dint bought it cost I do not need so much of it hahaha.

 Laneige Snow Crystal Foundation since it came with a concealer it is a bonus to purchase it ~~

Below are some samples that I get from my purchase

BB Creams Samples

Opps i miss out one of them! This is from The Face Shop I think this is their new product BB Base.

Grean tea serum from Innisfree Did not bought this cause I wanted to test on it first.

 IOPE & Aritaum samples

Lastly is a cool cigarettes packing from Korea

UPDATE here is my Haul from Seoul Part 2

I'm missing Seoul

Cant belive that I'm missing Seoul (like alot)!!!!!

#1 The shops!!!!

#2 And The shops again hahaha !!!!

#3The foods!! This mandu (dumplings) superb delicious!! 

#4 Braised Chicken   

#the culture wearing hangbok~~ 

#the unforgettable Nanta Show

#the travel mood pic taken@nseoultower

Overall itinerary works well half and the main Nami island place to go failed , we did not went there and basically it rained for the whole day!!!  Oh well we still get to explore Seoul even it is raining cause the city is dame huge !

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Seoul itinerary blog post

This is a seoul itinerary blog post I went during (April 2012)

Want to know where I will be heading during my Seoul trip?
Below is my itinerary for my Seoul trip 

Day 1
6.20am Incheon Airport
9.00am Casaville Sinchon Residence (Line 2 ext 7 Dukin Donuts to lotteria (Receptionist level 15)
10.00am Ehwa Women University
11.30am Hongki station/ Sinchon Lunch @ bbq buffet 8,000 won
               Myeong dong
               Cheonggycheon stream
               Namsam park.CHERRY BLOSSOM!! Hoehyeon Station (Line 4 ext 4)
               N seoul tower
8.00pm   Nanta Show @Unesco Building Myeong Dong
Day 2
8.00am     Insadong (Angguk Station line 3 ext Go 100m straight, then turn left.)
9.30am.    Depart to  Nami Island (Pagoda park/ Tagol park at Insadong)
4.00pm.    Departure to Sinchon (Parking lot ticket office)
6.00pm.    Namdamuen market (Hoehyeon Station Line 4 ext 5 ) (Doota Mall)
8.00pm.    Banpo bridge The show lasts for 20 minutes. (20:00, 20:40, 21:20)
                 Express bus terminal (Underground shopping)
Day 3
8.00 am.    Kyunghee University ( Hoegi station line 1 ext 2 ) CHERRY BLOSSOM!!
10.00am.   Lotte world ( 09:30 - 22:00) (Jamsil Station, Subway Line 2  Ext 4 )
7.00pm.     N seoul tower (nite view)
                  Namdamuen market (Hoehyeon Station Line 4 ext 5 )
Day 4
8.00 am   Myeong Dong
                Palace gyeongbokung 
                Dongdaemun market 
                Iteawon (Line 6)
7.30pm.   Shinchon
8.00pm.   Depart to Incheon

It is just an itinerary for us to have an idea where are we going to visit. Plus all of the information for the transport I get it through the web and thanks to all the bloggers that went there before and share their thoughts.

This website is very useful

It gives use all the information we need and they also show each subway line travel tips and what you can explore in each subways station. ^_^

I'm staying at Casaville Sinchon Residence it is in Shinchon line 2!!! ZOMG we randomly booked this hotel coz previously we booked one motel in Myeong deong but I feel that the motel is so so, plus it is very busy place to stay with so many ppl just like Bukit bintang in KL ... u JUZ dun wanna stay there rite?? hahahaha.. 

So we search and search so we found  Casaville Sinchon Residence then we place our booking and cancel the Myeong deong one.

~here is the hotel details~

But when I start to search some details about our hotel area I found out tat is a student place and I was so happy coz Shinchon is just between Hondae and Ehwa women university and it is a great spot!!! bonus to stay in Shinchon wakakakaka!!! since there is also consider as a tourist spot where we can find cheaper food and some cafes over the both area. 

But do take note that they have similar name for Shinchon and Shincheon ~~ this both places is different station and Shincheon is near to Jamsil Station where Lotte world is located.

Oh cant wait to watch NANTA Show as well~ YIPIEEE~~~ You can get 20% discount ticket when you become a fan in their FB page.

Hope we cant stick to the plan and NO RAIN PLZ~~~

Till then X.OX.O


Thank you!!

Thank You Mummy, you always remember my birthday and give me surprise ^_^

Get my early birthday present from mummy yesterday since I will be in Seoul during my birthday muahahaha

Thanks for your love and caring.

End 2011 -2012 =Work Life + Cherry Blossom

What goes around come around !!

End-ing 2011 - early 2012 equals Work Life for me coz I'm fully graduated and not a student anymore =_=


sad ahh coz we cant get any student privilege any more and we have to stuck in the office for 8 hours :( (DUNNO y the picha cant rotate @_@)

This is life coz everyone have to work some day!

Everyday same routine over and over bla bla bla~~

But things get different when you get to TRAVEL~~~ HURRAYYYY~~~ 

I'm going to korea~~ Seoul~~ and its SPRING!!! ^_^ 

I witness CHERRY BLOSSOM with my naked eyes!!! AWWWW~~~ this is like my dream came true, ok lah is just part of my wishes when I was in my childhood, keep watching too much Japanese Drama and it is so beautiful and I actually think that CHERRY BLOSSOM is only available in Japan FML!!=_=