Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Krabi Trip Day 1 (May 2013 4D3N)

This is a Day 1 post for Krabi 4days 3 night trip in May 2013. 

From Krabi Airport we have our transport ready waiting for us! I love their efficacy we booked krabi shuttle service last minute during midnight before arrival (and yes the next day the shuttle is still ready for us). It is more affordable than sitting a bus to our hotel (the bus available in the airport look crappy

The hotel as I mention before was Areetara Resort the hotel and I'm good with the hotel, I think most of krabi hotel are the same hahahaha. Didn't take much photo of the hotel. Oh and the total time from airport to our hotel was approx 30 minutes.

Our room was garden view and I think pool view seems cooler we want to upgrade to pool view but unfortunately the room was fully booked.

View from the Reception Area

These is the pool view room you can see they have emerald pool (which is kinda small) from the room you can jump right in to the swimming pool.

Basically on the first day we went to rent a bike and drove our way to survey around the area. The bike rental was 200 Baht (RM20) per day! It is a must to rent a bike because our hotel is located quite far from the shops and the beach plus the weather was super duper hot but not to worry they have mobile food store (that will drive around) near the hotel that sell drinks, food & fruits if you do not want to walk further. 

We also bought our island tour package from the bike rental which was located 5 minutes away from out hotel. The package was a full day trip to Koh Phi Phi Le which includes 2 snorkelling session and few island of Koh Phi Phi Le and lunch is provided and it worth 1000 Baht (RM100) after bargain ^_^

So we drove all the way along the beach and below picture are all from Ao Nang Beach which located near our hotel. 

Ao Nang beach water was not crystal clear. 

Panorama view nice? It was sun setting. 

The sun setting effect picture

Edited HDR picture from my iphone (cheated) hahaha! Nice? I enhance the effect to give the beach more over whelming feel since the beach is not crystal clear hahaha.

We simply had our lunch in a restaurant not worth stating out since nothing special about that and after that we went back to the hotel and swim! Basically first day was it.

Oh I want to highlight one thing! If you were in Thailand their 7-11 is the best (much better than msia for my opinion) their 7-11 stuff are much more cheaper than the mini market outside. 

Make sure you try this bread from Le Pan Bakery it cost RM1.20 and they have lard, crab stick, chicken and tuna flavour too. 

Love this so much I bought it everyday and is good. Tips: can buy for boat trip since you will be snorkelling and will be hungry. 

Okay till then I will post Day 2 soon! Stay tuned!