Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tutorial DIY nail art 3tone effect

Wanna try to do this urself at home??
I make this 3tone effect on my nails
*Nudy gold color tone*
Here's the things that u needed

  1. Skin Food- 17
  2. Elianto-unlabel code color
  3. OPI-  15
  4. Skin Food -33
  5. Etude House- top coat
  6. Foundation Sponge **most important ITEM**

**Most important item** 
For this nail art
This sponge can help U to make the nail color not so thick
Like wat u apply with the nail polish brush
Thus when u dab it on ur nails wif this sponge u can can the fading color effect
Continue reading then u will see wat I mean.


Step 1
Okay 1st paint ur nail using NO.1 nail polish.
I painted it twice coz the color is SUPER NUDY!!

Step 2
Take the No.2 nail polish and dab a liitle on the sponge 

Step 3
Then dab around ur nails juz half of ur nails
*U will oni need a little amount of the nail polish when dabing on to ur nails*

*Dab like a quarter of ur nails*
Don't worry when dabbing where a rough surface appear.
U can make it smooth by applying top coat on the last step.

Step 4
Take a slightly brighter color like gold to make the glittery effect. 
Which is the NO.3
Dab again st the same part on ur nails with the sponge.
This is for the 2nd tone effect.

Step 5
Take the No.4 nail polish and dab at the end of the nails
For the 3rd tone effect
No.4 nail polish is brighter then No.3

Step 6
Last but not least.
Apply the ur Top Coat which is No.5
I apply it twice for a stronger coat effect.

Now u can go out wif u DIY nail art


This nail add sliver color on the bottom juz to test the efect
hehehehe but preferably without it 

*Enjoy ur tutorial!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poor cabbage

This cabbage kena cucuk (stab) by the strawberries. (pooor thing)
Saw this poor cabbage at a store which located at Kea Farm in Cameron Highlands.
I love cabbage feel sad when saw the strawberries cucuk them (hahaha)
Oh miss the Cameron highland veggie~~
Till then cheers~~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This year expression in FIFA WORLD CUP for those who r betting!!!!!!!

I guess all the ppl who bets for this year FIFA World Cup 2010 would have this expression

Coz they lose all the bettings!!!

So tips for the day!!
(*good team)
For the next football match
If u still wanna lose all ur betting u may go on............
(evil laugh)
*juz my on opinion no offends!!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

I want to eat U!!



MY SALIVA is dripping!!
actually been thinking of it for 1 week oredi..

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think that I own a pair of long legs!!!!

Looking through my pic folders 
I found a pic of my long legs 
OPPSS!! actually two pics


Don't believe???

My long leg pics (ignore my messy hair)
*evil laugh*
 Kinda long rite?
I think i wanna measure to c how long izzit.

*Just for fun too boring~~(pic taken @melaka)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I finally found it!!

Wat's tat??
Been searching for it quiet long

I finally found a bag which i have in love on the first sight.
It's from Charles&Keith.
 Okay although is not super branded but is still a bag.
And I'm still a student can't afford 2 buy super branded bags + no sponsorship.
Even Mr.Slim told me tat i can't own super branded bag bcoz i'm super ROUGH.
Plus i have destroy every single bag tat i bought.
(dunno y i still can laugh)

Below is my new bag ^^

It's in cream color.
Just arrived in store 2 days from the day i have bought (saturday)
Haven't use it yet.
Will take a clearer pic nex time to show u guys!!
Reason for buying it all my bags  for outing are destroy.

*P/S: kinda happy coz juz finish my personal assignment and is 0% free of plagiarism.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

BURT'S BEES lip balm

Wanted to try this brand lip balm for quite some time.
Heard it as their best seller.
Hate my chapped lips
The promoter advice me to take this type due to my worst chapped lips. (ugly ugly)

This burt's bees medicated lip balm helps to soothing, healing and relieving.
It smeels like tiger balm!
100% not lying
The promoter oso agree wit it but she says this is the best for my lips condition.
She oso offer me other 1 which is the 2nd best for my lips. 
I think is pomegranate flavor, smells sweet kinda like it.
But ending up i buy the 1st option.
This Burt's bee lip balm cost me RM25.80.
Hopes it will giv me a good result.


Shimino japanese crepes!!!


Went to Ikano Power Center last sunday.
Mr.S-LIM said wanna eat something that is sweet, so we saw this shop!!
From the first impression it gave me wahhhhhh so nice this shop!!
Like Japanese kinda feel~~~
Then Mr.S-LIM ordered the choco banana flavor ( it has choco cake in it yummy)
The crepe taste so soft n fine!!
Plus the cream n cake
It's super duper YUMMMY!!!

Mr.S-LIM posting with his crepes

Took their name card

*front view*

*back view*

Original from HARAJUKU JAPAN!!
They have another outlet at Pavilion.
They have many types of  flavor to choose.
  One day i'm gonna try it all!!!
The crepes starting from the price RM 7.90
Quite worth it i guess for this delicious crepe!!
Try SHIMINO JAPANESE CREPE if u guys do pass by this shop!

p/s: blogging this makes me hungry =___=

Monday, June 7, 2010

~~Cold windy cozy~~

Went to Gothong Jaya on saturday evening.
Cold ,windy and cozy place
Not like KL SO DAMN HOT!!

 *see my hair flying*
*Kinda windy there*

When come back to KL and sleep can't use to it!
Like sauna when sleeping oni!!!

P/S: on tat day eat fried chicken for 3 meals in a row!!!! FAT till death!!!! T_____________T


Leaving my Domokun for the party!!!
Take a pic 1st b4 leaving ^^
The event is held at Ecoba PJ Trade Center.
Starting time is at 6pm.
Reach there late coz raining.
I present u Ecoba!!!

Free food & Free flow Beer for everyone!!

*Lucky got Free food and drinks (orange juice included too) If not hungry till death!

Took some pic before the event start

Me stuck in BB!!

JoySan in prison take #1

JoySan in prison take #2

 *pose pose wif drinks*
(this pic like clubbing pic oni =______________=)

Free online place for everyone!!!

*Pic wif kylie long time din meet wif her oredi (4years)*
*Pic wif four feet nine*

*take pic wit some of the bloggers *
*cool costume they have*

The event start so sudden Suddenly the MC get locked up we have to search for the code to unlock it!!

We have to go out n search for it
There is some fire gals to help us light up the searching are!
Buy actually all the code is hanging on the tree!

Luckly found one code can help to unlock the MC

Look she is so cute
i forgot 2 take pic wif her 
sigh!! she is the one who plays as "Nina" in the 8tv Blogger boy series

Later tat we have some games to play for our group!
Din take pic on tat (sry)

*Pic above is those blogger who hav the potential to win an HTC legend for their best dress*
The last two pic is the winner
Cruella from 101 Dalmation won the best dress (left pic)
Slywester won the best pre blog entry she won an BB!!( right pic)

      Now here is the best part!!
I would like to present this team!!
The Bboxer super awesome!!! His name is Shane!!

 *Pic above are some of our entertainers that night*

HE even have encore for the closing

*Last pic of me*

Okay that's all!!!
Thanks to NUFFNANG&DIGI for the event!!

Digi Break Free Party yeah everthing isFREEE!!
Wonder how i win the invitation?

p/s: won pen knife, 2GB pen drive and a goodie bag from DG!!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Langkawi Part 1

I wanna said sorry to anyone who read my blog that i have promise to blog about my trip but due to my LAZINESS i dragggggggggggggg this post for like ermmmmmm i guesss 1MONTH????
hahaha sry for the delaying lazy mah!!!

Here it goes......

 Arriving at the Langkawi airport. i think is about 9am if i'm not mistaken ^^

Kinda like this pic ( tat guy is Mr.RIVER LIM wahahaha)
So after reach at the airport we terus go n rent a car. We rent vios (sien go Langkawi still need 2 sit the same car as in KL ) T______________T

After renting the car we quickly headed to Langkawi cable car. This is wat mr.RIVER waited for his life to go to the cable car bcoz due to some reason he can't go there. Actually he waited ermmm i think 1 year to go there.

Pic above is taken when we saw the  "look out point" signboard while on the way 2 the cable car. Nothing special about there compare to KL look out point. Plus there is nobody there too and is SUPER SUNNY.

                                                  Q-ing up for the cable car ^^

Damn scared!! i'm scared of height!!! i guess!!!! is really 100% scary dare not to look down!!

 Ok!! act normal!! ^^

Hahaha survived after the height thingy~~

Tadah!!!! nice leh!!!

Arrived with pride (muahahaha)

Chop of the tiang coz is damn dirty from tat view.

Like paradise oni this pic ^^

Scared to go down back need him 2 carry me (hahaha)

Okay tat's all for now..
To b continue...
Pictures credits to Mr.RIVER