Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watching a Saturday movie with a STUDENT PRICE!!!!

Me & bf really use student price to watch movie at Saturday!!!
Plus is an evening movie!!
We watched
The sorcerer's apprentice.
Dun believe??
Here's the proof!!!
We just watch it yesterday!!

Where can u get this offer??
Actually we bought our ticket online.
100% is that GSC system appear problem on their e-ticketing!
And the good news is they din even charge us for extra money!!
I know when we collect the ticket at tat time ,
We still can purchase a student ticket on their web
hmmmmm poor IT department sure will get scold from their manager.
If half of the hall ppl purchase through on9, they r making a huge lost!!
But is a good deal for me!!!

p/s: no spoiler here...go watch the movie yourself!!!
p/s/s: it is i nice movie with nice sound effect plus if u like one republic secret u can here this song played quite few times in this movie coz the song is their original soundtrack for this movie!!


Friday, July 23, 2010

Chanel Temporary Tattoo

Bought this through online shop.
Saw it in newspaper last time n r in love with its design.
Image u got branded logo on ur body.
HAHAHA looks cool!
LOVE the chain design~~ 

Chanel Temporary Tattoo!!
Not oni one sheet but SIX sheet of Chanel design!!

Can stick as many as i like!!

Phew!!! At last!!

PHEW!!!!!!!!!!What a  TEDIOUS week!!!
At last finish up all my assginment!!
A very special thx to my group member that help me all the way through.
An a very special THX to MR.chad!
Thx for the help on the financial part *really appreciate it*!

Now i do not have any assignment nightmare and numbers flying through my mind.
YES at last I can SLEEP WELL!!!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pork Dickson??? A new place in Malaysia

Today went to listen undang (L license) for 6HOURS!!
Every one will receive a book of the undang for exercise.
Some one point out on the back of the book on the road sign!!
                                                             Then i saw this!!

Pork Dickson instead of Port Dickson!!
The printing company are so careless!!
A new tourist spot in Malaysia.
Just way before JB.
Yeah lets go visit!!

*Wish me luck on getting my driving license!!

Paul wanted to choose Uruguay but can't!!! and the FIFA world cup winner is???

Seems like Mr.Octopus which is Paul wanted to choose Uruguay instead of Germany.
I think he make a decision of not opening the Uruguay box coz he don wanna be eatan.
But mostly he will move to the right hand side.
So Uruguay vs Germany who will win???

But the most important match is the final
So wat did the octopus choose??
Here's the video

Lets see whether Holland vs Spain 
The octopus is correct anot!!

*Sigh i can't watch the final match!!
Due to 8am class on monday and it's presentation day!!
Miss final match!!!ARGGHHHHH!!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Loading 30%

Assignment!!  Assignment!!  Assignment!!!
Thanks to all of the lecturer
Delay most of the assignment submission date for 1 WEEK!
U all really make my day!!
All assignment will be pause for 1 week
Thus it can't load in my brain

But still need to do
No point of delaying it also

Really need a break out from this!!
I need a VACATION!!

Somebody take me away!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


It was called carrot and orange soup.
It is from The Ship in their set.
Eeeeeewwwwwwww i'm not fans of carrot nor orange.
 It taste

These two combination of veggie n fruit does not match as a SOUP!!
Although they are a match as a JUICE!!!
YUCK dun wanna think about the taste.
I juz take two sips of it then i'm done
It hav been ignore by me 
Juz at the corner of the table

But luckily i have my escargot~~~
Order one dozen of it.
Taste so yummy!!!

*Silva is dripping*

Sunday, July 4, 2010


It's been 1 week.
Tat i'm not feeling well.
1st day tat i spotted myself not feeling well.
When i juz woke up i felt tat i hv a SORE THROAT.

Next thing is to buy strepsil.
It cured on the second day.
But then i got FEVER on the seconday day midnight.
Then the third day when woke up, the fever have gone down.
Feel slightly better on that.
But then FLU stater coming.
Sneezing nonstop.

Making WONTON for the whole coming days.
The worst part was i got a COUGH after my flu gets better.
I hated it the most from what i encourted during my sick period.
There is one night tat i cough till i VOMIT!!
First time vomit something out.
Hope to get well soon.
Juz need to cure the cough then i'm back to normal.