Saturday, December 29, 2012

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant Kepong

This is a new Japanese Restaurant located in Kepong Bandar Manjalara 1/62 just right below Plaza Manjalara and opposite Ketam Steamboat. It is easy to find! 

*Note the food is kinda pricey compare to those shopping centre sushi restaurant.

This the  reservation seat for 10 pax 
Dragon Roll
This Dragon Roll is basically unagi wrap with avacado and vegie and spread with a little ikura. It cost RM23.

Sashimi Salad

The salad sauce is nice and love it thier sashimi is fresh but as you can see they only have 6 slice of sashimi only and this cost RM22.
Sashimi & Unagi Set
Boyfie set this cost a bomb rm65! But their unagi flesh is da bomb too! Hardly can get so much unagi flesh nowdays. This set inclusive of miso soup, salad and cawan mushi. 

A college on what we had. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

iPhone 5 Self Portrait front camera

Yeah I got my hands on ROTI JOHN?...What? Actually is iphone5 it is longer and it feel like roti john (long bread filled with eggs and meat) to me. This picture below is taken with iPhone 4

iPhone 5 back view with silver case
I notice that there is a different in the size image I mean when you view your gallery iPhone 4 image tends to be larger and in full screen but for iPhone 5 the image is smaller and you have two black border up & down when you view your pictures.

This is taken with the iPhone 5 front camera the different is they are brighter & yellowish (but this is taken with the apps camera 360 *sweet effect* and seems a little HD at the same time but the noise are still the same for front camera.

Last picture of me again till then Merry Xmas! 

Skytrex Extreme (Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam)

Last two week ago we a group of 13 people went to have a taste of adventure Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam or Taman Pertanian Shah Alam. They offer skytrex activity and we choose the extreme package is the hardest and scariest among all from the package available.

Before any activity we do have group photo first!

Waiting face

Close up waiting face

Yo i'm hanging

The hanging face LOL

The first flying fox attempt

phailed! LOL

 look how far is it.

Flying off smoothly! 

Next is this bridge walkway Look at the middle! there is a hole! 

How to cross over? Just glide as the picture above 

Posing before crossing the bridge

Super high the net bridge 

I dunno what this call but this look hard but actually you need to swing your leg and be quick to move forward. 

P/S: if you are fear of height and not an extreme person I would suggest you to take the elementary package (but as for me the extreme package was so so only) Anyway is quick challenging for the first trial I had experience 2-3 flying fox! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Party Or Prank Party?

So my company have a small Christmas party and I have an idea to buy some prank stuff for the lucky draw for the colleagues.

Of course I tried it on to see how funny was it!

Not bad huh? 
Funny enough to make myself LOL to myself when I took this pictures! hahaha
From left top;red big bow ribbon, big nose spectacle, x-mas starry hat and blonde hair wig and lastly sleepy eyes spectacle. All of the prank item are very cheap and all of them were bought in Berjaya Times Square KL.

Snowman headband
Of course the save prank item! for myself hahaha Organizer no need lucky draw right?

Playing the prank spectacles with one of my colleague We look pretty right? hahaha

We even prepare goodies bag which consist of royce nama choclate and cookies. Nice Christmas packing from Royce.

Last but not least a group photo!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trick Art Museum at I-city

Yeah that's right we have a Trick Art Museum at I-city!! So excited to visit it!! Besides, the entrance fees is just RM5 SUPER affordable and it is really worth for the price and you can take all the pictures with what ever poses you WANT!

Ahh you drop your shoes girl!
Once enter immediate start posing with all the art!

                                                I'm a good girl hahaha

Painting Mona Lisa
Yeah actually I'm the one who painted it!

I don't know what pose is this!

Cool down penguin
Love the penguins


I met E.T

Yes we stay connected always
Shhhh he is cheating 
Poker face LOL

Oh gonna bite my d*** hahaha

Priceless expression!
Senget pose
Lame pose

Lee Kwang Soo 
Yeah is girafee 

Stairway to Heaven
They have lots art but I did not post it all~~ the expression are too ugly I don't know what I'm posing that time hahaha. Anyway is fun~~