Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Big Breakfast & a slice of heaven

Last Sunday I had a delicious breakfast/ brunch at Antipodean Cafe at Bangsar, from the whole shop lot only this cafe is crowded people and people are Q-ing up for this cafe!!

My big breakfast comes with toast, pork sausage , hash brown , scramble egg and mushroom

 Bf big breakfast difference is only the bacon and the rest is the same.

I really like their  scramble egg they give a big portion of the scramble egg and the mushrooms as well I think they cook the mushroom with herbs? brasil leaf? lol no idea what herbs they use !! and not forgetting the hash brown taste so home made and feels like eating smash potatoes unlike MCD one so oily and hard!!

The next stop after a mouthful of brunch we need to have a walk so we went to The Gardens and then we have our tea time at Alexis Bistro ^_^ 

We order a slice of Tiramisu and Pavlova cakes.

Tiramisu comes with a chilli sauce??? Some of my friends thinks is chili sauce Lol but is actually not!! and it taste sour and I think is some kind of mixed berries sauce? or raspberry sauce. Their tiramisu really taste different from all other tiramisu I have tried !! they have chunks caramel and nuts cover all over their body.

Pavlova I like this cake so much it taste like marshmallow and cotton candy and I like the texture. But some of the berries are sour T_T.

Will definitely order another Pavlova next time! 

Colourful Xiao Long Bao from Paradise Dynasty

Get to tried out this 8 colours xiao long bao which each comes with various flavours from Paradise Dynasty at Paradigm Mall ~~ the new mall in PJ town.

Personally I think the only different is the oil based used for each flavour ~~ interesting is they have cheese xiao long bao hahaha for all the cheese lover I think you will like it ^_^

Bf with the xiao long bao 

opps missing one xiao long bao ~~~ hahaha which is truffle flavour  I personally like the foie gras & ginseng flavour they are superb!! But for the original I still prefer Dragon -i one due to taste and portion ...Besides we also order their noodles~~ Too full to order much at that time.