Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Namsam Park to N Seoul Tower

This blog post is all about Namsan Park , N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower and Love locks!! That day is a glooming weather so we did not went up to the tower and view the city.

 Tadaa I dunno what it says...  Dunno whether we reach Namsan park or not because the map shows  that the park is huge and some of them are closed T_T

Some leave less tree 

The only place we can go and we dunno where we are???

Dark Knight?? looks similar like UK statue hahaha

us <3

I'm looking for snakes lol kidding!


 After taking picture we walk our way to N Seoul tower and it is above the hill!! OMG a long way to go~~

Make a stop at a coffee shop along the road-way

Walking ~ walking~ taking picture with my bro hahaha

Long way

Still haven't reach yet

So we reach there and we sit cable car all the way up 

Glooming picture with glooming weather

More stairs ahead !

Full with fog at the moment because is still morning!

When we reach half way there is a Korean traditional game for us to play 

Picture time I forgot what is that behind me

Finally saw the tower!!

Me with love locks Christmas tree

 Love lock  from the Christmas tree!

Spotted an extra large lock by J H?? OMG this is the biggest locks among all locks. Hope their love really last forever !! (So kiasu one) Wonder how they carried it up here??? * scratch head*

More love locks among the walkway

 Long legs hahaha *effect effect*

Group photo 


Description on love locks

Bought our cold stone ice cream there!

N Seoul Tower with sun coming out!!!

Horrid face of me 

A guard he look kinda fierce

 The blur tower with leaves-less tree 

Walking down the hill on our way to have our lunch It was so sunny.

The city view on the hill half way back 

Suppose to be a huge fountain but it all dried up T_T

 Taking picture with flowers and N Seoul Tower as well. ^_^

Bye Bye N seoul I will be back visiting you on the top soon!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Haul from Seoul Part 2

As promised here is the Seoul haul Part 2!!  Yeahhhhh~~~~~~~

 BB cream from Nature Republic 

Once you go Seoul this is the must buy item as well is super duper affordable as the price after discount in Malaysia still cant compete their normal price !!!

Nature republic Aloe Vera soothing gel cost RM9-10 depends on your exchange rate ! OMG! Plus this gel u can use it almost everywhere on your body, face and even hair !! 

Tony Molly best seller egg pore series I bought the tightening pack and the blackhead out oil gel!! I have been using it for quite some time it really works and I like the tightening pack cause it really give me the feeling that my pores has being tighten up!

Next is the holika holika egg soap I haven't tried it out but the soap smells is not so overwhelming. And this pack of 4 little eggs only cost me EM 40 I saw it in Msia they sell about RM80++ it make my eyes big 0_0

Even bought this Laneige mulitberry yogurt peeling gel the yogurt fragrance is very strong.

All of the above is free from Laneige *claps*

This hand cream is from Watson you can get in anywhere in the Seoul city !! Bought it for souvenir.

Next up is accessories all time favourite !   

Bought it all in Namdaemun retail market where there is a whole bunch of accessories stores under one roof!

This tie hair stuff where 2 ribbons and a petal of yellow flowers are from Red Eye shop found this shop under the subway and myeong deong does have this shop as well this shop just like accessories shop as well but some stuff from there might be kinda pricey.

Lastly this 3 lipstick~~~

From left: Nature Republic Petit Cherry Rouge, Etude House My blooming lips talk colour PK008 & BE102.

Firstly I only bought the Nature Republic one cause is buy one free one and I share it with my friend and I did not bought the Etude Hous in Korea cause I did not bother about it but when I reach Malaysia I found out that the PK008 color very nice and kinda regret that I did not purchase it so I order this two PK008 and BE102 through G market ! hahaha clever me the price are just slightly different RM5 compare to the purchase in Seoul by my friend.

I'm so lucky cause Malaysia sold it in RM 50++ wakakaka it just like buy one free 1 for me with my purchase with G market.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cookin' Nanta Show is an Awesome Show in Seoul!

Cookin Nanta is really an awesome show!! Thumbs Up and *claps*!! It is really worth to watch it. Plus the show just mainly cheer us up ^_^ 

Pretending to be "chef" lol

Different time or location they have different cast tat day is Brown group of actor!!

The stage where they perform

See my VIP seat just the 3rd row


The kitchen god!! so spooky to look at it~~

If you dun like to LOL then is may not be the show that you want to watch... The ticket you can get to book through their  official website  you can pay it through on-line so you can get to choose which seat you want. 

"Their official website on set"

I watch it in Myeong Dong and we bought VIP seats!! muahahha front seat with a good view because we get 30% off (if I'm not mistaken) for each tickets less than RM100 for VIP seats!! You can get the discount by just become a fan of their fan page in Facebook. Here you go~~ 

I swear I laugh with full of tears when I'm watching it !! The actor also have interaction with the audience and  they make the theatre so lively with full of our laughters and music. Plus they really does cook during the show so is REAL cooking ughhh oil smell.

GO WATCH IT if you are in SEOUL !