Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas

Went to Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas to celebrate bf' mum bufday~~

 It is located next to fotokem same row with lotte mart.

Note picture is taken by Iphone4 sorry for the blurry pictures.

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ menu

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ Main menu lol 

Interior design

Interior design this place is basically quite old.

Sauce Option

side dishes

 Side dishes 


More meat 

fried glass noodle

This fried glass noddle super nice!!! but it cost RM30 per bowl 

idk what is this but is basically is Chicken maybe it is chicken dal bak gi  and it has rice cake the rice cake is awful. 

Cooked meat 

kimchi hot pot

Kimchi hot pot this is nice!! 

Overall the food does not taste spicy as it seen!!
The price is slightly higher than Dao rea.
Their BBQ meat taste pure maybe we did not order spicy one
Do try their wine meat it taste good!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cheonggycheon stream at Seoul

How to get to Cheonggycheon stream? There are many ways to reach there Cheonggycheon stream is a super duper long stream!!! You can easily walk out at any exit of their subway from Dongdaemun Station or City Hall  that shows Cheonggycheon sign.

This whole post is just mainly a journey of walking along Cheonggycheon stream (it is a two days post different outfit ) 

Yeah we walk there twice coz we are going some where can't recall where we are heading at the time   I think we are searching the route to Insadong somethink like that! 

Cheonggycheon stream

Lets start the journey

See they are so excited

Cheonggycheon stream

        Saw the colour t-shirt hanging around? I think is election period they are advertising who to vote

Cheonggycheon stream

This is the back side of the stream nothing much to see here.

Cheonggycheon stream

As further we go there are more people 

Ahem pardon me a post to prove we are there HAHAHA

Cheonggycheon stream

Sorry i been cut half

Cheonggycheon stream

Along Cheonggycheon stream many tall buildings this is an interesting bar we saw so cowboy feel

Many people resting at the stream the water is really clean and the air is so cooling

Mojeongyo Bridge at Cheonggycheon stream

Mojeongyo Bridge at Cheonggycheon stream there is also a tourist information center incase you get lose they are very friendly. 
Mojeongyo Bridge is located halfway of Cheonggycheon stream 

Cheonggycheon stream

Finally reach the end of the stream where there is many people busy walking around

Another view they did not on the fountain 

Just a tall building image I feel like a tiny person surrounded by many giant buildings.
 Feel so insecure everything in Seoul City is humongous!!!! 

Seoul City

See another giant-antic building !!

Snail Shape looking design at cheonggycheon stream

The Snail Shape looking design thingy dunno why it was there and it looks weird 
Got history??

It is a good statue to make a fake Christmas tree out of it!

Below is the other day we walk to Cheonggycheon stream again but is from other exit I cant recall where.

Cheonggycheon stream

Cheonggycheon stream peaceful stream

Cheonggycheon stream 

Cheonggycheon stream with sakura flowers

Cheonggycheon stream with sakura flowers not forgetting our face of course LOL

Cheonggycheon stream with sakura flowers

Okay this is Cheonggycheon stream with sakura flowers without our face hahaha

They even have a direction guide incase you get lose so considerate

cheonggycheon stream seoul

Tada a mini waterfall 

cheonggycheon stream seoul

Group picture dunno what the guy doing behind there
On the walls beside the waterfall they have some sketching so artistic! 

Tat's the end of the journey to Cheonggycheon stream


Monday, August 27, 2012

Namoo Publika

Namoo On the park Korean dessert Cafe & Bistro

WOW that's a long name I guess... But they are really on the park!! you can bring kids to play on their park ^_^

Main entrance on from the Publika Mall

Main entrance on from the Publika Mall but I entered from the park LOL
No pictures coz the park is dark =_=

main menu

Menu main page their description so long but yet worth to read
They use hanger to clip their menu so creative 

namoo tissue

They even have a hook under the table so considerate 

seafood soup with rice

Bf choice seafood soup with rice 
Taste buttery they also put beef inside 

Pattaya fried rice

Pattaya fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice  Namoo

Lol kidding is actually
Kimchi Fried Rice
Taste: Normal 

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake
Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake Side View

Looks slimy the taste errr swetet potato taste does not really fancy it plus it comes with ice cream vanilla ice cream I think it is nestle vanilla ice cream.

Wanna try out their pumpkin cake next time I think I would like tat even more !

Overall I will come back for their dessert not their main course I guess Hahahaha~~

Since Publika has many choice of restaurant to dine in !!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Minx Nail - Star design Nail Patch

Okay to start this tutorial you will need a nail patch I bought it from SASA I believe they still sell it and it cost RM18.90. I choose the red star design with a golden back ground.

What you need is a pair of scissors, base coat/top coat  from O.P.I nail envy and a nail file

What you need is a pair of scissors, base coat/top coat  from O.P.I nail envy and a nail file ( forgot to include in the picture) 

 First cut out the little nail finger nail patch size from the attached nail patch.

I start out with my little nail finger. First cut out the little nail finger nail patch size from the attached nail patch.
Oh do apply the base coat first.

Secondly measure it side by side so that you can cut the excess out and keep for next usage

Secondly measure it side by side so that you can cut the excess out and keep for next usage.You can also stick it directly without measure if you do not which to keep the excess.

After measure cut the it LOL common sense

So this is the size of my little nail finger haha..then you peel it.

Place the nail patch it on the nail

Place the nail patch it on the nail 

Press it hard and rub the surface so that it can stick tightly on to your nails.
There will be a lit  excess out because we cant cut accurately haha 

So what you need is a nail filer to file the excess. I got mine in Holika Holika ^_^ it is very cheap in Korea.

Done for my little nail finger.

Next is index finger turn. Measure again, repeat the steps above. 

File the excess

Keep filing

Keep filing

 tadaa done!! My minx nail star design! Oh i do apply the top coat again to give more shiny look.

Keep the excess in to the package given and reuse ^_^

The final look starry nail look!!

The final look starry nail look!!

Have fun!