Thursday, November 25, 2010

HATS!! hate it or love it!!

I kinda like hats~ they make me look edgy
But i do not own one of it T_T
Planing to buy it...wahahahaha share $$$$ wif my bro cox is damn exp la~

White hat looks nice~~
            *Ignore my eye lazy to edit it. using vignette mode to capture its darken my eye 

Dun be shock i juz back from igloo~~ 
Fury hat??~~ idk wat it calls?? 

Tat's my bro~~
we definitely look alike

 Love this pic~~
the hat matches my outfit
but the hat actually much more bigger than my head.

* Kinda busy bcoz of asssssssignnnnnnnnnmennnnnnnnnntt! arghhh someone have ruin my schedule!!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Another Snowflakes Day

Need I say more?
Is another dessert day for me 


Went to snowflakes again and tried out another dessert other than their best seller.
Order the Sea Amber Jelly
full of pearls!!


Coco Loco 

A mixture of Taiwanese dessert and Malaysian style desserts
Great combination full of santan taste
Is product development and adaptation to our Malaysian taste and preference.
i'm blogging like i'm writing my assignment!!! 

OH and I wonder how can they do the taro ball so QQ 1??? Wat they put?? starch izzit??

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alexis Bistro & San Terri Bakery

This is an outdated post where i told u guys tat on the 011010 is my <3 bday juz blog about it where we go nom nom on tat day~~

First we had our launch at Alexis Bistro located at The Gardens. Wanted to go there n try out their food long time ago. So here we are!! hahahhaha

We order Wahyu Beef & Fish and Chips

~For him~

~ For me~

~Finish noming~

Seriously i tried out the wahyu beef it taste damn nice!! bf also agree coz he is beef expert hahaha (expert in slaughter n tasting beef) jk!
Love tar tar sauce of the fish and chips kinda dry tough their fish.
 *actually i can't consume beef i felt so guilty about it but i can't stand and i tried it out amibatha~~~

Next went to have our desserts
U know i can't resist desserts 

Oh lalalalalalala 
Sweet stuffs is my best friends!  
So we went to San Terri Bakery which is located on the Ground Floor in The Gardens opposite Coffee Beans.

Tried their cake before and it taste very fresh so wanna eat it.
*saliva is drippin*

 Order 4 slice of cakes
Opera, Tiramisu, Green Tea and lastly the fruit one i really can't recall its name but is my fav!!!

Opera and Tiramisu
For their opera cake really nice!!
Better than dessert bars and opera cake really hard to find sedap punya so they did a great job!!

Green tea and idk....
Their green tea oso nice and they have red bean in it! i like it!!
My fav...the fruit and but idk its name *sad*

Finish all in one bite!!

K tat's all

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Is an old post but i'm kinda free now so juz blog about it~enjoy!

Went to Marche and nom nom~

spaghetti full of red and green chili pepper taste

ok this is me hahaha

 fried red snapper~ idk the real name so juz add fried coz is fried hahaha

<3 rosti wit lamb ham super yummy

tat's all~


Friday, November 5, 2010

Welcome Uniqlo!

I think most ppl heard about the "Uniqlo" They are clothing retail store and is a famous brand in Japan!!

Today is their grand opening and OMG!!! Wat i saw before i enter to Fahrenheit 88 is a group of ppl Q-ing up to enter into Uniqlo!!! *faint*
Took some pichas to share wit u guys

This route number 3~

The Q-ing actually starts here!!

To here!!! and then to the 1st pic that i shown jz now and.....

Here =_=" swt!! dunno y the ppl can Q so long...hmmmm i wonder.... the ppl no need 2 work ar? so free one? so desperate 2 buy baju meh? buy for Deepavali ar? hahahahaha
One word I salute U guys!!!  and Uniqlo has really done a great marketing!!! *claps*

 Tada~~ u hav reach ur destination (omg i sound like a GPS)

I did not Q up to go in there coz too many ppl juz like in the pic above!! And i BELIEVE tat Uniqlo will have sales again coz Malaysia is famous for sales mah...hahahahaha....mayb December got Christmas sales, January got new year sales, February got CNY sales and the sales goes on...wahahahaha
So juz walk around Fahrenheit 88 and Pavilion.

Yeah at last can drink the Boba tea from chatime. *happy*
At last finish my individual assignment can relax for a while.but still need 2 continue group assignment @_@
Till then x.o.x.o