Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ehwa Women University @ Seoul

When I reach there is like ZOMG the University is so huge along the road before we reach the University there are full of shops selling  korean cosmetic, clothes and even cafe's too.

Most of their cafes or coffee shop are three stories tall!!

Some high and low slopes they have hills everywhere

The entrance full of flowers on the wall

This is Ehwa Women University ZOMG is so Huge............. U can find all the pretty gals in this university I guess hahah..

The walkway are tremendously huge! each corner is their classroom or library ( not sure)  they are so amazing! I think is underground classroom

You get to see smoothie king shops around their everywhere in Seoul and 3 stories tall too~

We have our lunch at porridge shop called "Bon Juk" is super delicious and expensive!! one bowl cost RM30.00 if not mistaken! but is worth it hahaha wanted to try it out ever since.

From the left is their famous pumpkin porridge it taste like dessert! Sweet as well and they have the glutinous rice ball in it and the right one is seafood porridge. The porridge has the freshness of seafood~ 

My bro order a fusion style of porridge where is a corn bun porridge its basically "Jagung" taste lolzzzz

This bunny building is actually a hair salon 

Next up we went to Baskin Robbin for our dessert hahahaha

Malaysia Baskin Robbin Y U NO Sell this type of pretty ice cream cake ehh?? I wish i can have all of it!!

Order 3 pints their almond pon pon super nice and is cheaper than Malaysia

My fren's set came with waffle , brownie and a cup of black coffee. Their waffer very "keras" so hard to bite.

Korean fashion trend ~~~ Wearing specs with the frame like this huge!! Seriously all of them are wearing spec look like the above!! I mean all of them is their trend! OMG!

 I look cool on this hahaha~~ never bought them tho coz I look like very 3D specs walking aorund lolzzz...

End of my Ehwa post will continue more~~