Saturday, October 23, 2010

Excuse me!

If u guys dun mind i'm gonna post another lamo post!!

Found this pic when i was 9876543234567 Hours of boredom while doing my personal assignment, i edit it by adding bubble talk. The pic is taken by my web cam! kinda good quality tough *wink*

But for domokun lovers out there u might <3 it


Answer, is simply because is me and domokun pic...wahahahahahaha 


*i think the specs kinda suit me...wahahahahaha

okay enough!!!!
thx bb!

Friday, October 22, 2010


I was wondering when will i finish a lum sum of assignment? although this time our group progress are getting super duper faster than my previous sem thx to our new member! *thumbs up*

Loading Loading my head is loading with assignment, sumore this semester got one subject is full assignment!  sigh Need 2 better lo....i'm bad in assignment T_T

Notice my hand? Not oblivious la..hahaha

Is channel tattoo in star shape i called it rock star!! look kinda edgy *like*

Forgot to snap the channel symbol tattoo for u guys to see. Dun worry coz i have plenty of them stay tune!!


Monday, October 18, 2010

Have u touch all the phone yet??

Have U have U have U???

From right iphone 4, Galaxy S x2, HTC Desire.
I think this pictures of all this phone is worth RM8000???
Anyone interested can drop a msg below.

I think i will do a comparison soon between Iphone4 and HTC Desire. if i'm free la hahahaha

p/s: Not all of the phone is mine! i'm not tat rich.
p/s/s: Waiz dun get jealous when u see this post hahahahaha

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Photoshop Comic Looking Pictures


Love this Comic Effect that i hv Photoshoped 

Scroll down to view the pictures that i have edit.
 Click it to enlarge for a better view 

This image is kinda bright but i it

This picha is awesome
(look at the background)

Okay I look like an alien @_@
Using wide angle that's y like tat lo, sumore from taken from the high angle
Big eyes scroll up~~

My Photoshop skills are getting better!!
Wannna know how???

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dessert Day

Why my tittle is dessert Day? coz i have 3 desserts in one day hahahaha
Will get diabetics soon i think... choi choi choi!!
Coz i like to eat sweet stuffs! like  SUPER SWEET stuff!
If i din not consume any sweets i will like feel i'm dying~~ but at least got sky juice i can tahan sikit la...hahaha
ok back to topic~i blaaaaaaaa too much oredi

First dessert is Mcd ice-cream!! the mix chocolate and vanilla flavor Sundae cone has come back!!
yeah!! they call it twister if not mistaken. *clap clap*
It is one of my childhood fav ice-cream.
Forget to take pic of this, busy eat..hahahaha

Next is bf fav dessert is called the Mille crepe. He so damn wanted to eat it so we went to Food Foundry lo...coz in Malaysia oni Malacca shop and Kl Seksyen 17 Food Foundry got this so call "Mille Crepe" unless u order through on9 someone to bake the whole thing out for u...hahahaha

We order the Vanilla & Chocolate Flavor Mille Crepe.
I like the vanilla compare to the choco.
Feel like eating a whole layers of crepes as a cake.
Bf said this cake not very sweet so he liked it.
ya it's really not sweet for my standard is really really not sweet.
so is not my fav~

Next we went to Kota Damsara Snowflakes for our last desserts.
They have their new outlet there, Wanted to order their new dessert but the ice ran out of stock
so we juz order their best seller.

Taro balls make bf feel super full
Wonder how they make it until so QQ
Like the Boba pearl

Mine is the hot lemon grass got boba pearl
love it <3

So tat's all for my desserts of the day.
Okay i have to continue to do my assignment.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's October

Small update,
This is the last semester of my college life.
I need 2 work harder, smoothly pass my final exam for this semester then i can go to U.K
Wahahahahha Half study and half vacation at there <3

First October is birthday, 100110
Will blog about it...... (kinda lazy hahahaha)

Currently my arms, hand and shoulder is suffering from muscle pain or nerve pain, i guess coz yesterday went for rock climbing. Kinda challenging for the first time. Would like to try it again, feel like i'm gonna addicted to it. Rock climbing is tiring than cycling and baseball.  

Today is my last semester results release date, kinda sacred to check it out.
So after finish class oni i check, so i won't be emo in class if there's i get bad result.
Thx god i get to maintain my result and no "F" for me
I wanna be a legend (as my bro said) wahahahaha

Thus, pray hard i can maintain the same on this last semester ^_^
Best of luck, best of luck, best of luck, best of luck best of luck best of luck best of luck best of luck