Monday, January 24, 2011

Supper at Austin Chase

Last sunday nite went to have  "supper" at Austin Chase near my place wangsa walk
LOL my supper is slice of CAKE!! (c i told ya i love sweet stuff)
My mum order hazelnut latte, i order Swiss layer choco velvet is mille crepe~~ NICE!!!

Mille Crepe -Choco Velvet

Mum hazelnut latte~

Thx mummy & daddy tat nite coz i forgot to bring my ip4 charger they take back for me~~ hehehe
* i will try to minimize my forgetfulness ..hehehe

P/S: BKK trip is getting near~~ wahahaha can't wait to shop!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Korean food @ Kang San Ea

Went to tried out this shop and  which is located at so called" Korean Village" in Ampang with my buddies.

 We order green tea n it cost us RM 5
kinda exp!

 side dishes 

 more and more side dishes

super like this
is their fried glutinous rice
nice man!

closer view of it

1st time saw korean restaurant tat giv green chili 

korean pancake
i think we order kimchi soup
which comes wit dumpling and is nice !

This the dessert they gave which is like malaysian style "ais kacang"
not nice...yuck... but lucky got watermelon (din take tat pic)

I forgot to take the pic of our BBQ food
we order beef n pork
buddies said beef nice
 (i can't taste it coz i can't consume beef)
The pork taste sweet n i like it (i like sweet stuff okay!)

Overall, the shop is kinda ermm exp....n is a small shop ( can view the pic at my fb )
But is still better than this Soho KL korean BBQ shop which is the yucksss ever!
But DaoRae is still my num.1

*claps claps*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gotta throw up!


Going to genting AGAIN n AGAIN n AGAIN n AGAIN...............................................ok it will never end...i will not go there if oni i'm DEAD~~~

P/S: can't wait for my BKK trip "yeah~~~~~yeah~~~yeah~~~~~"

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes i have finished my exam n i'm nao helping malaysia to increase their unemployment rate....muahahahaha

Somebody just employed me!!!PLZ~~

But b4 working i need to hv fun 1st!!! shopping 100x, travel 100x, gathering 100x...bla bla bla 100x waste my countless time...

OKAY...tat amount is not achievable (pointless)

As i finish my last paper i flew to "Puchong" wit my college buddies. Is a house town tat build with man-made lake.

Have lotsa fun there!!

Not forgetting wat i love the most is the water sports!! wahahaha i can play 100x!! (no la, juz many times) quite worth it~~

sumore got bbq equipment for us~~

This is my first time trying out fish spa "frens said very geli" but i did not feel geli..hahaha kinda enjoy it....

back view from the house
man made lake ( i guess)

so relaxING~~

morning jacuzzi~~

mini table tennis for us

on my way to kayaking
(fake one hahaha)

~Banana Boat~

 Two seated water sport
 idk wat name is it~
super like this 
i sit for duno how many 34899941 TIMES~
*evil laugh*

yeah is my 1st attempt for jet ski!!

four seated water sport
idk the name too~

water sports i will miss ya!!

#Group pic 1

#Group pic 2

BBQ time after water sports



~our dinner~
BBQ dinner

reaching for the lamp~

#Group pic 3

 #Group pic 4

#Group pic 5

#Group pic 6

 #Group pic7

#Group pic 8

On our way genting on the next day~

Oh yeah! i brought marshmallows & my phone
in to the sauna room!!

Have a great time on tat day with my college buddies~~
A big THANK YOU for accompany me in my college life ~~



P/S: Asian Water Sports Village is the place that we stay and is located at: 

The Wharf, Prima Biz Hub, No 31-3A, Block C, Jalan Tasik Prima 5/1, 47150 Puchong, Selangor.

Nice place for gathering

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcoming 2011

Its another new year! opps i mean new year 2011!
duh... watever it means the same!
So long time since stop blogging coz i dunno wat to blog + lazy + i did not on my lappie since??? ermmmm...

Preparing for my finals!! + i dunno wat to do if i on my lappie since all the american series has been vanished in "PPS"...sigh!

Did not celebrate on the eve coz dun wan to be in crowded place n no mood...haha guess next year oni i celebrate! so wait for me 2012!! i will count u down!! *evil laughs*

Wat i hopes/wishes for in this new 2011 year is:

1) dun fall sick as much as in the year 2010 ( i blog about falling sick everytime in 2010) I'm so weak. I want to be strong n will not easily fall sick so frequently!!!

2) Maintain my grades (legend legend) since i will be continuing my studies in UK! *maintain my brain cells for studies in UK* buahahahah

3) Everything goes well to everyone (count me in!) :p

Oni 3 hope hahaha juz like a bday wish!! no more nor less.... since 2day is the third day of 2011..
3 hopes/wishes shall do....

Till then HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!

P/S: sry if the writing was ugly ( i drew it myself ok!)hahaha. the pic look so Halloween (i mean background)

p/s/s:wish me good luck in my finals!!