Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dongdaemun Seoul

First stop on Dongdaemun Market is Doota Mall!!

This mall main entrance is the place where Fashion King actress  "Lee Ga Yeong" walking around outside the mall street out there.<3 <3

So sad that I did not take the main entrance picture  T_T

Us @ Doota Mall

Inside the mall

Most of the item sold in the mall are all from Korean Designer and they are 100% made in Korea ( They claim that)

Me With giraffe in the mall so tall!!

Drinking Smoothie king nice!

 With Nickhun <3

Most of the clothes from the mall are expensive but their quality are quite good compare to China made goods~~

We also went to Pyeonghwa Market it is very small and narrow and most of the things sold are similar where they offer scraft, umbrella, specs, leggings, hats... All are in retail price which means the more you buy  the more you SAVE !!

Till then I wanna continue to watch Fashion King!!!