Monday, August 30, 2010

Delicious Desserts

uPdate Update!!
Just finish my 3rd paper of examination!
Left 2 more!!!
Can't wait for my holiday!!!

Last saturday 
Went to Delicious Cafe to have our dinner (me& bf)
Long time din eat delicious deesert!
(since fifa tat time i order wanted to eat it)
Really miss it


We went there
And order Spaghettini &Salad


No pictures
Coz we were too hungry and totally forgot to take the food pic
But i manage to take our desserts picture!!

My saliva is drippin~~
(wiping off)

Here is Bf's dessert

 Banana Pudding with Butterscotch sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream
OMG is super duper nice!!!
Love 100X the butterscotch sauce sumore got vanila Ice Cream
I wanna learn to do the sauce!!

Is my dessert
Many strawberries

Berrilicious Chocolate Paviova
 Eat until i die
Coz is super creammy
and after eating i'm super full!!
Luckily din order heavy meal just now!!

Enjoy my dessert!!

p/s: wish me good luck for my two more papers!!!