Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trick Art Museum at I-city

Yeah that's right we have a Trick Art Museum at I-city!! So excited to visit it!! Besides, the entrance fees is just RM5 SUPER affordable and it is really worth for the price and you can take all the pictures with what ever poses you WANT!

Ahh you drop your shoes girl!
Once enter immediate start posing with all the art!

                                                I'm a good girl hahaha

Painting Mona Lisa
Yeah actually I'm the one who painted it!

I don't know what pose is this!

Cool down penguin
Love the penguins


I met E.T

Yes we stay connected always
Shhhh he is cheating 
Poker face LOL

Oh gonna bite my d*** hahaha

Priceless expression!
Senget pose
Lame pose

Lee Kwang Soo 
Yeah is girafee 

Stairway to Heaven
They have lots art but I did not post it all~~ the expression are too ugly I don't know what I'm posing that time hahaha. Anyway is fun~~