Friday, May 21, 2010

Tutorial D.I.Y nail art

Wanna make this nail is easy as this! Juz follow my tutorial ^^
I name it as "The Golden Night Flower TM"
Hahaha u can wear this nail going out for an elegant dinner.

1. Wat u need is juz buff ur nails in to square shape.
2. Nail polish wit pearl color, gold color, 3D nail art sticker of black flower and of course a TOP COAT!! to ensure ur nail art are shining& last longer.

 3. Now juz apply  ur nail wit the pearl color as the base. Apply twice to make the color darker. ( if u hv base coat u should apply it 1st)

 4.Then apply the gold color nail polish on the top of ur nails like this pic below ( juz until tat yellow line limit )

5. Then take the 3D sticker nail art n stick on the side of ur nail.
6. Lastly juz apply top coat 2-3 layers to make it more shiner n lasting.

Pearl nail polish for base can get it any where muz be pearl color la if u wanna do like wat I did.

Gold color nail polish is smaller bottle i get i from online n it is OPI the brush is smaller so is easy to color the top part of the nail like french manicure.

Buy a 3D nail sticker to make ur life easier! ( u dun need 2 draw it by ur self!) I bought it for the price RM 2.90 damn cheap regret din not buy other pattern.T_T

So gals hope tat this tutorial can help u!!!