Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Namsam Park to N Seoul Tower

This blog post is all about Namsan Park , N Seoul Tower or Namsan Tower and Love locks!! That day is a glooming weather so we did not went up to the tower and view the city.

 Tadaa I dunno what it says...  Dunno whether we reach Namsan park or not because the map shows  that the park is huge and some of them are closed T_T

Some leave less tree 

The only place we can go and we dunno where we are???

Dark Knight?? looks similar like UK statue hahaha

us <3

I'm looking for snakes lol kidding!


 After taking picture we walk our way to N Seoul tower and it is above the hill!! OMG a long way to go~~

Make a stop at a coffee shop along the road-way

Walking ~ walking~ taking picture with my bro hahaha

Long way

Still haven't reach yet

So we reach there and we sit cable car all the way up 

Glooming picture with glooming weather

More stairs ahead !

Full with fog at the moment because is still morning!

When we reach half way there is a Korean traditional game for us to play 

Picture time I forgot what is that behind me

Finally saw the tower!!

Me with love locks Christmas tree

 Love lock  from the Christmas tree!

Spotted an extra large lock by J H?? OMG this is the biggest locks among all locks. Hope their love really last forever !! (So kiasu one) Wonder how they carried it up here??? * scratch head*

More love locks among the walkway

 Long legs hahaha *effect effect*

Group photo 


Description on love locks

Bought our cold stone ice cream there!

N Seoul Tower with sun coming out!!!

Horrid face of me 

A guard he look kinda fierce

 The blur tower with leaves-less tree 

Walking down the hill on our way to have our lunch It was so sunny.

The city view on the hill half way back 

Suppose to be a huge fountain but it all dried up T_T

 Taking picture with flowers and N Seoul Tower as well. ^_^

Bye Bye N seoul I will be back visiting you on the top soon!!