Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cookin' Nanta Show is an Awesome Show in Seoul!

Cookin Nanta is really an awesome show!! Thumbs Up and *claps*!! It is really worth to watch it. Plus the show just mainly cheer us up ^_^ 

Pretending to be "chef" lol

Different time or location they have different cast tat day is Brown group of actor!!

The stage where they perform

See my VIP seat just the 3rd row


The kitchen god!! so spooky to look at it~~

If you dun like to LOL then is may not be the show that you want to watch... The ticket you can get to book through their  official website  you can pay it through on-line so you can get to choose which seat you want. 

"Their official website on set"

I watch it in Myeong Dong and we bought VIP seats!! muahahha front seat with a good view because we get 30% off (if I'm not mistaken) for each tickets less than RM100 for VIP seats!! You can get the discount by just become a fan of their fan page in Facebook. Here you go~~ 

I swear I laugh with full of tears when I'm watching it !! The actor also have interaction with the audience and  they make the theatre so lively with full of our laughters and music. Plus they really does cook during the show so is REAL cooking ughhh oil smell.

GO WATCH IT if you are in SEOUL !