Friday, April 9, 2010

Which CAMERA is yOUR choice??

All content is based on my own opinion offense to any of the users.

Long time did not update my blog so came out with this idea of  this post to during to work in the LRT juz wanna share some of my thoughts and also wanna u guys to comment on it too. (happy reading)

1Digital Camera

100% i would said no to it!!! if u guys wanna take a good quality picture!! This is because many ppl think the higher the megapixel of the camera the better or clearer the picture will b produce. This is no true!!! Don't be cheated!!! nice&good quality picture always depends more than the megapixel on the camera itself. Most of the digital camera pic take u hv taken only looks nice in the digital camera itself same case goes to the picture taken wif ur mobile phone. When u send it in 2 ur pc.....u will definitely get Blurry pic, darker pic, pic not sharp, bla bla bla bla.....the only thing that is good from it is COMPACT (duh!)

2) Lomo camera

Lomo lomo lomophotography is now a hit in town!!! cause the vintage look that u will get from the pic itself.
And the quality depends on how good is ur lomocamera. Actually we can make our own lomo pic using photoshop (i'm trying it out too) u can find it in Google search thx to the all the kind ppl who share we can save our $$$ from buying it coz it is quiet COSTLY.  you hv2 pay for the film every time when it runs out
But is quite fun when u hv this camera take many kinds of crazy pictures...

4) Semi Pro Camera

 This camera is similar with the DSLR but the oni things tat their lens can't be interchangeable. There are some compact semi-pro where u can find it in the market and the best thing is tat u can take RAW pic from it is quite cool coz u can save u edit time and u can make HDR pictures from it. I wanna make my own HDR pic someday!!!Some of the price of this semi-pro camera are nearly the same wif the DSLR (if i'm not mistaken) Sorry guys no pic for this.

3) Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR)

DSlR should not be missed out from the choices of camera that u wanna buy unless that u want a normal camera, cheaper camera rite????

DSLR is like a hot dish in the market, is like a trend. Now u can see everywhere u go 100% U will spot  ppl owning an DSLR. Nothing much needed to said here coz DSLR can produce good images through the lens itself. Thumbs up for DSLR~~~but it is quite costly coz when u once own it u need 2 buy many things like other types of lens, flash, tripod, bla..bla....bla........all oso need $$$$$$$$$$ is like an investment T_T

****But I think no matter what camera u are using, the skill of U, yourself taking the picture matter the most!!!!! plus some of ur photoshop skills la (hahahahaha)