Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tutorial DIY nail art 3tone effect

Wanna try to do this urself at home??
I make this 3tone effect on my nails
*Nudy gold color tone*
Here's the things that u needed

  1. Skin Food- 17
  2. Elianto-unlabel code color
  3. OPI-  15
  4. Skin Food -33
  5. Etude House- top coat
  6. Foundation Sponge **most important ITEM**

**Most important item** 
For this nail art
This sponge can help U to make the nail color not so thick
Like wat u apply with the nail polish brush
Thus when u dab it on ur nails wif this sponge u can can the fading color effect
Continue reading then u will see wat I mean.


Step 1
Okay 1st paint ur nail using NO.1 nail polish.
I painted it twice coz the color is SUPER NUDY!!

Step 2
Take the No.2 nail polish and dab a liitle on the sponge 

Step 3
Then dab around ur nails juz half of ur nails
*U will oni need a little amount of the nail polish when dabing on to ur nails*

*Dab like a quarter of ur nails*
Don't worry when dabbing where a rough surface appear.
U can make it smooth by applying top coat on the last step.

Step 4
Take a slightly brighter color like gold to make the glittery effect. 
Which is the NO.3
Dab again st the same part on ur nails with the sponge.
This is for the 2nd tone effect.

Step 5
Take the No.4 nail polish and dab at the end of the nails
For the 3rd tone effect
No.4 nail polish is brighter then No.3

Step 6
Last but not least.
Apply the ur Top Coat which is No.5
I apply it twice for a stronger coat effect.

Now u can go out wif u DIY nail art


This nail add sliver color on the bottom juz to test the efect
hehehehe but preferably without it 

*Enjoy ur tutorial!!!