Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Apgujeong Korean Restaurant Solaris Mont Kiara

Apgujeong is a Korean restaurant is located right above Shisha Lounge in Solaris Mont Kiara. Thx to my colleague recommendation I found this restaurant. What a sinful meal! 

Side dishes the even have steam eggs!

Kimchi Jiggae


 Bimbimbap Seafood

Hot Pot Chicken
This dish is not spicy at all it taste sweet and the chicken is soft and tender.

 We also ordered 2 BBQ is in the video below (forgot to take the meat picture) hahaha

My favourite are the kimchi jiggae & the japchan! Is the best I ever taste and the portion is big I would said! the price is fair enough for the food quality!

Location: J-01-15 & 16 Solaris Mont Kiara 
              No2, Jalan Solaris Kuala Lumpur

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Monday Mood Picture

Sunday Monday mood 
The picture below describes it all

 How you will feel on Sunday

                                     How you will feel when it comes to Monday!

Anyway is a lame post hahaha been in my draft for too long so I just gotta post it xD

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bangkok Dessert

Hi! Recently back from Bangkok (BKK) and here are some dessert that I had in BKK and I would like to share with you guys! 

You know I like the After You dessert so much and been craving from it from time to time and is number 1 dessert in my list thus I'm back to Bangkok eat it again! muahahahha This time they offer ferrero rocher toast and is cost a bomb! 247 baht for it oh well is limited time and not in their menu so we ordered it.


So they have few chunks of ferrero rocher and one gold thingy on the ice cream so I guess that make it expensive. 

Looking at the expensive toast!

I also order my favourite Shibuya Honey toast okay does not look appealing as the ferrero rocher toast but the taste is freaking nice too! The toast is super duper yummy and this is my lunch for the day I would suggest do not go for after you dessert when you are full it will be a waste! Oh and I had mine at Central Plazza LardPrao the one in Siam Paragon is always full house so I went to the other outlet ^_^ 

Next moving to a unique Parisian cafe whch is Vanilla Brasserie the outlook of this cafe is very nice! There are famous for their crepes.

Vanilla Brasserie is located at Siam Paragon GF 31 which is near Coffee Beans by Dao they have few others outlet as well to check it out!

Vanilla Mille Crepe only 990 baht it is not sweet and I like it cause the last layer is not crepe but is something like a chiffon cake and it taste so good this is a rich layer of crepes unlike the mille crepe we have in Malaysia they are all covered with creams.


We also order their Banana & Chocolate Crepe this is kinda pricey which cost 240++ Baht cant really recall the exact price. The crepe is a very thin layer and it at the side of the crepe is very crispy they had chocolate ice cream in it. Really like the crispy texture of the crepe is good to go with their chocolate sauce as well.

Okay I had another special dessert this time which is fried ice-cream from ไอติมผัด - ice manias you can choose the flavour u like and they will fried it in front of you. Check out the video below. Cant upload my insta video in here so weird so I share others Youtube video for you guys! 

So I had my ice manias ice-cream in banana and raisin flavour the process is quick and this just cost me 590 Baht the quality of the ice-cream is very good at first I thought it will taste like a cheapo ice-cream but I'm wrong! and is worth the price they had many outlets and I had mine at Siam Square.

Last but no least the famous Coconut ice-cream from JJ market (Chatuchak market)

Yum yum needless to say much as this coconut ice cream itself is already famous in town! They offer free coconut drinks and free two toppings only 300Baht (cheap man!). I choose the pumpkin & pine seed (atapchi) toppings; the pumpkin is really sweet glad I choose it. 

The coconut ice-cream taste really nice compare to the one that I ate on my previous Krabi trip which is quite salty. But the coconut flesh is tasteless so sad.But anyway that is the dessert I had during my BKK trip.

Next I will post on the foods in BKK Stay tuned! You can also check out my previous 2012 Bangkok itinerary and Food Post in Bangkok too.