Monday, August 9, 2010

Eat, walk, and sweat at Malacca!!

Been to Malacca after a tedious week of assignments!!!!!
6PPL in a car to start our journey at 11am!!
First pit-stop we went to try out the baba& nyonya meal at "Nyonya Suan Restaurant" for our lunch and then we have our cendol as our dessert at Jonker street.

Food include; sweet& sour fish,ayam rendang ( i like it), mixed veggie (everyone said is nice and is very nyonya style), salted veggie duck ( yuck taste horrible luckly we order small portion oni). Gula Melaka Cendol ( we ordered original and also durian flavour) plus we order a bowl of asam laksa for second round.

Damn hot on the noon!!!
While walking to jonker street
Thus walk in to the jonker gallery to get some cold air (air-con)

After tat back to apartment and rest.
Bath whole body also stink sweat smell.

Then at the evening we went to the Jonker street pasar malam
But actually is call "culture street"

 Pic b4 walking to Jonker street
Before that we went to take some photo at...emmm idk wat is that place call....
*this place*

Before climbing to
*that place*

After tat we go....

I think is call river cruise
if not mistaken
really 4got about the place name oredi
*sry sry*

*another picture of mine*

okay here is the group pic
kinda dark

Here is a pic for u guys to spot the difference

#pic 1

#pic 2

Is obvious rite??

* another group pic*

Can't upload anymore pic!!!
Due to damn slow internet connection!!
so that's all!!!!

p/s: super tired on tat day due to over walking and standing constraint!!! for whole day!!!