Friday, May 31, 2013

Krabi- Koh Phi Phi (DAY 2 ITINERARY )

Woke up early as 7.30am  (8.30 am Malaysia time) to have breakie so that we don't starve ourself during the day cause we will have 2 snorkelling activity. Koh Phi Phi is a very large island which consist of Koh Phi Phi Don & Koh Phi Phi Ley. 

We had our ride on this antique bus (lol) it even have holes on the back seat floor but is alright cause the distant to our hotel to the pick up point was not far just 10 minutes. So we took few picture in the bus. As you can see the bus is so retro in side they even have a speaker box and fan hahaha

Me & the gals

The guys (they are still in ubah mood) Post election effect.

Close up with our speed boat of the day we are riding this for the trip to explore Koh Phi Phi. Damn love the shorts bought it from roxy and is water proof ideal for beach!

Breathtaking view of bamboo island this is our first stop we are given 45 minutes to swim and take picture. Not sure why does it call bamboo island- there are non bamboo existent at all.   

A close up on the bamboo island. We walk along the beach till the very end and the view were all the same LOL.

Okay pose pose 

With the bf

After that we had our first snookering and I did not take picture of it and idk and forget where is the place is in the middle of the sea hahahaha. 

Non edit purely taken from ip5 just to proof that the water is super green LOL along the way all the sea looks exactly like that! This is when we pass by Viking cave and our boat did not went near in the cave.

Later on arriving Maya Island there was so many boats and tourist on the island unlike bamboo island.Maya Island is a part of Koh Phi Phi Ley

Having fun as we are given another 45 minutes to explore around but actually nothing much to do at Maya Island only the view was awesome. Wanna see how awesome?

Okay is the previous blog picture hahaha! You know going to the beach and we scare our camera get soak so yay! We took picture with only ip5. But still damn nice right? The view although is crowded and we cant even swim compare to bamboo island. 

So next stop middle of no where near maya island hahaha idk the name of the next stop hahahaha....

Can you see those fishes- crystal clear water this is the stop after Maya island and this is the place we stop for the second snorkelling.I got to see nemo and many more fish I was so happy back then compare to the first stop of snorkelling this was far more awesome and I get to feed the fishes ^_^ 

Manage to get some picture with the fish! And I just notice that my skin was damn white too (see my whity leg! LOL) But I got sun burn as the sun kissed me too and I felt the sun burn skin tone was kinda attractive hahahaha 

After that we went to Koh Phi Phi Don and had our lunch buffet and they serve less attractive meal T_T everyone was hungry back then and each time the kitchen delivers fried chicken all the eyes are on them and I got to eat only one piece not hungry at the time but my friends seems so sad. Moral of the story bring some bread in case you are hungry.

The only picture I took from Koh Phi Phi Don hahaha so sad cause the island is not that nice and I feel in love with Maya Island back then. hahahaha it has many hotels and shops around we just had a few walks around after our lunch. Back then Koh Phi Phi Don was hit by tsunami and that's why the view are changing from time to time. So after lunch we received a complimentary bottle coke - "Refreshing". Then we went to monkey Island where the island was all monkey no pictures not fancy monkey LOL.

After that we headed back and we pass by the chicken island. It was around 3.30pm when we heading back and its SUPER sunny day! 

Back to hotel bath and hunt for dinner! We went to Family BBQ it was located up hill and is just the name BBQ nothing related to BBQ at all LOL the tomyum was great! Then we shop again at 7-11 hahaha.

That's the end of Day 2! Ending with a SUMMER SWAG picture!