Saturday, April 7, 2012

End 2011 -2012 =Work Life + Cherry Blossom

What goes around come around !!

End-ing 2011 - early 2012 equals Work Life for me coz I'm fully graduated and not a student anymore =_=


sad ahh coz we cant get any student privilege any more and we have to stuck in the office for 8 hours :( (DUNNO y the picha cant rotate @_@)

This is life coz everyone have to work some day!

Everyday same routine over and over bla bla bla~~

But things get different when you get to TRAVEL~~~ HURRAYYYY~~~ 

I'm going to korea~~ Seoul~~ and its SPRING!!! ^_^ 

I witness CHERRY BLOSSOM with my naked eyes!!! AWWWW~~~ this is like my dream came true, ok lah is just part of my wishes when I was in my childhood, keep watching too much Japanese Drama and it is so beautiful and I actually think that CHERRY BLOSSOM is only available in Japan FML!!=_=