Friday, August 12, 2011

York (the old dated post)

This the old York post that i hv promised 
Oh mY such a delay *_*
Some of the pic don hv caption coz i took it randomly hahahha

Self snap pic while waitin to be in da bus!

our shoes

using my new bag and scandals 
damn cheap from primark!

clouds everywhere and is nicer than msia tho their clouds

i wanna eat this!!! miss msian food!!

yo MR.Bear!

home sick pic...lolz

nice fluffy owl!! i wan it...

super girly room from Cath Kidston shop with full of flowers!

group pic!

something is odd in da pic

sigh the old grandma spoilt our pic...

ignore my random photo

spotted diet coke limited edition design by karl lagerfeld!

candy land!!

i feel so sweet hahahah...

wanna try but feel like gonna get a toothache...hahha

hv tasted kangaroo burger!!
dunno hw to define the taste but i feel pork burger is da best!

big long sausage 

Overall I must say York is still the best place among the places that I have visited since im in Uk...Hopefully my euro trip wont disappoint me...