Friday, March 5, 2010

Where to buy CHeap strawberries?

I think everyone know that Cameron  Highlands is the cheapest place to purchase strawberries compare to KL or any places in Malaysia because there is the only suitable plantation place for them to grow strawberries.

The cheapest strawberries is not the one that U can get from self plucking  they offer at most of the strawberries farm we went.
It is the EXPENSIVE one becoz of the self plucking service and the when u pluck u will definitely pluck those BIG BIG strawberry rite? Thus it will cost u dunno how many $$$ perkg when u take go n weight it later (unless u wan this experience )

So back to the topic I get cheap strawberries at the pasar malam located at Tanah Rata where u have to  purchase it at around 10pm  it is bcoz the seller are closing their stall so they will LOWER down their strawberries around tat time ^^

HAHAHA from the pic above normal price for the strawberries per box will cost around rm15-10 but i get it with RM 5 per box!!! (dip it with honey)

Hopefully my info can help u guys 2 get cheap strawberries. (But if u guys know where to get much more cheaper than me do share yah!!