Sunday, April 3, 2011

Foods that i have ate at Bangkok Trip

As promised!! this is my food post for my BKK trip!! should done this post on Friday but my house line is freaking LAG!! damn it! cant even upload a single of photo !! mayb the streamyx are envy of my food pics!! LOL!

* Noted this is all in food post they may not follow sequence hahahaha ..... is a wrap up of wat i have eat~~

First stop: Black Canyon Coffee 

I know M'sia do have this shop, but i go there n tried it coz i oni saw this shop on my way to hotel plus we r freaking hungry tat time.

A drink from paradise? yuck i order that drink pic above! 

i forgot wats the taste thae thailand asam stuff idk wat we name it oredi...

This is the green curry kinda special~~

Next: Central Point where they have Central Food hall~~ many stores that we msia dun have such as Bake a wish shop~~ 

Remember my post that i blog earlier here

This is wat they sell~~ yummy yummy 

Walking around the mall spotted a shop that sell japanese crepe~~ And their staff are wearing maid uniform~~

They summore got a big Nutella!! Damn big...did not buy the crepe coz feel like not eating it and crepes are not cheap tho..i still love Shimono Japaense crepe~~hahaha

Even went to Mc Donald's~~go to thailand 100% muz eat the samurai pork burger!! coz M'sia dun have mah...

So juicy
(sry for the blur pic)

This is not McD apple pie BUT is a chicken bolognese pie from McD! Why M'sia dun have eh?? super nice coz i hate their apple pie ewwwww.... Please sell this here!!!

This is a japanese shop that sells korean food too ~~ wat combination??? but nice

Kimchi fried rice OMG!! is freakin nice!! There is a combination of their thai taste and korean~~ defenitly m'sia cant find unless u hired thai chef to cook this dish!! ohhh n the chicken taste like char siew! where to get char siew taste side dish at korean restaurant ar?? so special!!! *claps*

I look kinda weird in the pic juz focus on the food!! Their sauce are special too~~ and their side dishes ..

 Bought papa bread as for dessert, they sell banana flavor others than the vanilla and choco.

Lunch  at MBK mall food court...ermm wat do we call this dish is eng?? mixed pork??? wit white rice??
Tadah  fried oyster their oyster are big!! n the egg are crispy

lunch @mbk food court

Eat like a fat pig!!!
Fat pig #1

Fat pig #2

Their interior is so classic

Star shape rice!! nice!! lard again~~getting fat like the pig!

Pineapple fried rice~not bad
Ohh n i have pork pizza as welll!!! yeah!!! nice man!!

Tat is too much for both of us so we da bao go back to hotel n eat~~

Dessert @ coldstone located at center point!

N some street food i forgot to take pic~~ street food are super nice n cheap!!!
Tats all for the food post!!! 
Missing the food~~

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