Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shinchon @ Seoul (Choon Chun Jip Dak Galbi is the best!)

Here is a way overdue Seoul trip post which is Shinchon. That is a place we stay and we only found out that the other side of the subway exit (exit of Hyudai Department Store) was full of cafe,restaurant and most of it was full of university students. 

This post is just very brief did not take much photo over there all we do was walking & walking~~

Me with the Hello Kitty Cafe

Don't fancy Hello Kitty so much thus dont even to walk in
hahaha sorry for there fans out there!

Another street view 
Another street view 
Another street view 
Posing with Sakura Tree
Sakura tree at Shinchon are less blooming so sad!
My little bro

Big mirror at shinchon exit

subway exit from hyundai department store

I would like to highlight that Choon Chun Jip has the best dak gakbi ever!!!

Img from google post forgot to take picture of the store =_="
The store is something like this they have fushia & orange colour weird people logo LOL!
It is a franchise restaurant which specialize on dak galbi! Is quite famous everywhere you go will see this appear around the streets of seoul! 

I had my at Shinchon!

Yeah with the dak galbi
They even serve salad for side dishes & you can refill any amount you want!

I cant forget the superb taste of it! Will visit them again when I return to Seoul! hahaha
You can buy travel guide books to find really good food in Seoul too! I found this in my book & they are so useful.