Saturday, October 17, 2009

~De Mid autum festival night~

Played candles....yippie!!! (wanted 2 play long long time) and even Bbq wif my deaR.
Handmade love shape candle..out of more than 10 cand

candles of love; take 1
candles of love; take 2
love heart shape done by my dear

dear wif his candles

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Your Birthday~~

On my dear birthday we went to watch a movie which is G-force@ Tropicana MALL

It was so cool that the cinema is big n no one was watching the show in the cinema oni 2of us n a guy which means 3 PERSON!!!
First time ever hv tis experience is like oni we fully book the cinema...hahaha specially for my dear coz is his birthday mah!!

After watching we went 2 1u n hav his birthday cake which is choco bAnAnA cake n i hv order tiramisu for a try...b4 tat we went 2 buy his birthday gift which is a wallet from braun buffel...sry o dear make u choose ur wallet....but i know u like the card holder very much oso d...^_^

After that we juz walk around at 1u n then went to RaKUZEN @ Desa Park City for our dinner, the food was ok n the price are slighty expensive compare to Zanmai, but i prefer Zanmai...hehe...luv Zanmai!!

While waiting the food we camwhoring~

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

tAt's me

even our teddy camwhore ^_^
At last the food came....

It was a super full meal tat we hav....after tat we went back home coz it started 2 rain....
~~Tat's the end of his b-day..~~♥♥