Monday, March 4, 2013

What to eat in Sydney? (Sydney Food Post)

Here are some Sydney food post I would like to share.

Pancakes On The Rocks 
Their open 24 Hours! You can have it day or night! It is located near to Circular Quay.

Their pancake are are really thick and I did not manage to eat it all super full after eating two pancakes.

This is the breakfast pancakes it comes with bacon,pineapple & eggs 

It is located right down an alley way off Pitt Street.  371A Pitt Street (Korean BBQ) 

The front door of Madang

Side dish 


Sauce surprisingly nice 

Bimbimbap Pork

Time to eat! it was really nice and I think I damn love to eat Korean food even go overseas still eat korean food hahaha

Located at the city Westfield shopping mall @ market street Level 3 if not mistaken.

Missing this since I last ate this in UK so after finding out that AUS have it why don't I get one! hahaha.

Lindtt Café 

Located at Darling Habour at Cockle Bay Wharf is near the Madame Tussauds area 5-7 minutes walk from Darling Habour to Cockle Bay Wharf.

Went there during the night the crowd was crazy! It was super crowded but I manage to tried their ice cream! Very nice indeed and the portion was huge!

Fish Market

Their Fish Market is kinda small what I expected is a bigger fish market (high expectation) T_T

We have our lobster noodles on the first store just beside the main entrance and I dun really like the taste of it. Not sure why but I feel the taste is kinda fishy? hahahaha 

Not my preference of lobster noodle the noodle basically sucks.But there are lots of lobster flesh!  

Next I went to bought some salmon and tuna and indeed this taste better than the lobster hahaha

My favourite snapper! Really nice! 

Not recommended fish and chips but the baby octopus is nice!

How could we forgot oyster you can buy as many as you like because is damn cheap!

Emperor’s Garden Cake & Bakery @ Chinatown

Their  Emperor’s Cream puff are nice! It is located at 96 - 100 Hay Street Haymarket just beside their own restaurant.

Look many people are queuing for it 

It is nice and warm the custard are just good! 

There are Assorted Flavours of Magnum WHY Malaysia don't have this ?

I bought 1 and try is not cheap I think it cost AUD 3.80 for this!! 

Bought this during my visit at candy shop near Leura Blue Moutains they have all the special candies reminds me of UK Whitby. 

Cherry are highly recommended it taste so sweet! Plum is nice too! you can get it anywhere either in market city or their supermarket eg: coles or wollworths the price are almost the same.

Most of the time we bought some food to cook in our apartment so we save lots from here and it is very convenient coz coles and woolworths is located just beside our apartment. And we do eat near by Bondi Junction there are one sushi shop which offers quite cheap Japanese meal forgot the name but they won urban spoon is just opposite the sushi train shop!

P/S: We stayed at Meriton Serviced Apartment