Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alexis Bistro & San Terri Bakery

This is an outdated post where i told u guys tat on the 011010 is my <3 bday juz blog about it where we go nom nom on tat day~~

First we had our launch at Alexis Bistro located at The Gardens. Wanted to go there n try out their food long time ago. So here we are!! hahahhaha

We order Wahyu Beef & Fish and Chips

~For him~

~ For me~

~Finish noming~

Seriously i tried out the wahyu beef it taste damn nice!! bf also agree coz he is beef expert hahaha (expert in slaughter n tasting beef) jk!
Love tar tar sauce of the fish and chips kinda dry tough their fish.
 *actually i can't consume beef i felt so guilty about it but i can't stand and i tried it out amibatha~~~

Next went to have our desserts
U know i can't resist desserts 

Oh lalalalalalala 
Sweet stuffs is my best friends!  
So we went to San Terri Bakery which is located on the Ground Floor in The Gardens opposite Coffee Beans.

Tried their cake before and it taste very fresh so wanna eat it.
*saliva is drippin*

 Order 4 slice of cakes
Opera, Tiramisu, Green Tea and lastly the fruit one i really can't recall its name but is my fav!!!

Opera and Tiramisu
For their opera cake really nice!!
Better than dessert bars and opera cake really hard to find sedap punya so they did a great job!!

Green tea and idk....
Their green tea oso nice and they have red bean in it! i like it!!
My fav...the fruit and but idk its name *sad*

Finish all in one bite!!

K tat's all