Monday, November 12, 2012

After You Dessert Cafe at Bangkok

After You is one of my favourite dessert cafe and is highly recommended!! Although is just located at a small corner of Siam paragon Ground Floor the dessert they offer is super duper nice! I wish they had one outlet in Malaysia! *they have many outlet in Bangkok*

Their big banner

Cakes selection
So many to choose from......*saliva drippin*

My bro order their green tea mille crepe
I love the cream they offered!

Bro order apple tea juice *taste sweet*

This Shibuya Honey Toast is my favourite! I recommend YOU ALL TO TRY IT OUT! Seriously!! They have mixture of sweet & salty taste and the combination of ice-cream with honey syrup WOW! HARD TO EXPLAIN IT HAHAHA TRY IT OUT THEN YOU WILL KNOW!

So do try this cafe out! Is a must for my next trip to Bangkok! 

Yo what up?

For more info; Facebook fan page: here! &website : here!

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