Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An update before the end of May

Last sunday wented to marche to have my tea time but it just turn out to be our dinner...zzzzzzzzz.....so tea time at marche failed~~hahahaha
This time I get to order rostti!! yeah!!!

smoked turkey ham rostti

Chicken Pizza
Nice!!! juicy tomato they have~~

bought some lip product from burts bee to prevent my stupid sry lips while i'm at UK~~ now they having threesome promotion buy every two item get the 3rd free~~ hahaha so i bought two~~ tinted lip balm gives my lips color and it acts like at lip balm that will give my lips protection but it does not contain "spf" like the medicated one ~~ y they cant do all in one leh?? *earn money startegy* make me buy so many~~

Oh pic above shows tat i'm dilemma thinking wat nail polishn stickers to bring over UK!! its summer! n hav to take some bright colors go to polish up my nails but bring it over there is like not so important but i cant let my nails go naked to the public...sigh~~~ mayb i juz buy one nail polish there (but i wanna save money)..zzzzzz...
see dilemma again~~~

Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday & Lx5

Its been a while tat i din update...coz im lazy n there is nothing for me to blog about coz im in my hometown relaxing hahaha~~ well dun worry i will b going to UK for 3 months definitely there is something for me to blog about..hehehehe

Went to Levain yesterday for some macaroons  before i collect my airticket. will be flying off soon T_T

#1 order 5 pieces of macroons

#2 close up view

#3 pistachio flavour bf <3

#4 Bf bought LX5 for me Thank You dear!! muackss
bokeh with Lx5 hahahaha

#5 million thanks in pic above hahaahha

The pic from 1-3 were taken using Lx5..pin hole mode~~ nice

~Till then~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

INSTRAGRAM is what i play!

Instragram (IG) is my one of the apps that i'm addicted with bcoz they r whole bunch of photos wit whole bunch of ppl taking photos using their creativity and editing skills just by using an iphone~~ Cool rite? its more easier than PSD..hahahha

They appreciate lomography~~ tat's y i love the most~~ lomo lomo lomo~~ so antique n vintage tat seldom ppl will like~~ 

Here i would like to share some of ther random pictures in my IG


#1 kipling leapord

#2 starbucks

#3 some random shoe shop

#4 firework

#5 I love this pic so much~~

#6 sushi rolls damn nice this pic
so jap feel

#7 satay

#8 me& domo in polarid

#9 my juicy juicy fruit

#10 kimchi fried rice


#12 salad


#14 ur my sunshine after the rains

#15 sunsetting

#16 orangy

#17 Adidas

#18 peoples

#19 <3 haul

#20 $0.00 chatime

#21 sandwich club

#22 tomato

#23 some random drinks

#24 raspberries 

#25 snowing butterfly

#26 where is the love?

#27 the city tat never sleeps

All the pictures above may be blurrr hahaha taken from ip4 so dun expact so much okay ~~ some editing apps will be share by the user from IG so u can go and dl it n explore! fun n nice to play.. u will be busying whole day juz to edit some of there pictures  and looking for the right apps to edit some of ur photo~~ if u r boring n nothing to do u can try this..its a killing time apps~

Birthday makan post!



tats rite so b prepare u might drop your saliva~~ hahahaha
oh yah b4 tat sry for some of the blury pictures (taken from ip4 so dun expect lah!) 
and some food i forgot the name oredi hahahah 

First station on my bday ~~ Kiku zakura @ times square belanja by Miss reika soo~~
*claps claps*

my 1st time having a meal there (its more exp than zan mai lo!)

# scallop

# fish 
(zzzzz obviously its a fish =_=)

#my bento set

# many varieties (salmon,maguro,scallop,tempura,unagi rolls n etc) 

# seafood pancake
(not nice)

Thx ah li ah hua~~ (i know u r shy)

Second stop is at marche @the curve wif my bf
the reason y i wanna go there is i wanna eat the rosti been craving for it!
But some of the picture are in my bf hp including the rosti & their vegie tat i order!

# red snapper 
okok oni

#hawaian pizza yums!! super full eating this

# bread pudding 
arghh damn full!!!
thx <3

Third stop Nagomi @ Menara Hup Seng wif my bbf 
Having our dinner there b4 tat we went to kbox n having our karaoke sesion 

Pictures before going to Nagomi

super thx to huey bf too ~~he got me tat golden roe~~hahaha
 (without him we dun have so much sushi to eat!!!)

#japanese peas

#gyoza nice!!

oh yeah??

#huey fav
idk wat mushroom wat wat...but its special coz the thingy keep burning the mushroom n we have to dig it up really quick unless u wanna eat hangus one..hahaha

#soft shell crab rolls

# my <3 sukiyaki
nice super sweet sauce they have

#soft shell crabs (salty)

 they all force me to  eat this all up myself
bf mix this wit his sukiyaki sauce damn nice!! 
*thumbs up*
it taste like appetizer hahaha

#unknow sushi
this thing is not in the menu! huey bf fren did this for us!!
special leh!!

*Picture Time*


#2 (doing 1,2,3,4) lame~~


who's eyes is bigger huh?

huey u look 100% photocopy from ur sis face in this photo..hahah

bad gals!

i got my name on it!

the cakes r from RT pastry bff said is a famous pastry house where banyak banyak orang Q up to get their cakes. Nice tho~~ its concept and taste similar with San Terry cakes which i have obsessed since i knew it..hahahah 



heart you guys! thx alot!! cant wait for the sleep over~~hahahaahah

* Thx everyone!!! my stomach is full n rounder~~~