Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flowers from Cameron

Hai readers i brought some flowers for u all from Cameroon Highlands.
Went there for one day trip to enjoy the cooling and fresh air there.
But seems like these few weeks is raining KL temperature can be cooling as well.
KL is raining non stop these days.
Hahahahah i'm frezzing right now coz i'm sitting under the fan.

Take care everyone don't catch cold on these raining month ^_^


Monday, September 27, 2010

Liese Glossy Brown

This Liese hair coloring product is a hit now days ( i think )
Coz heard it went out of stock of some of their color in Sasa outlet
Bf wanna dye his hair so i recommend him to buy Liese! Bought it at Watson, Bf choose Glossy brown coz another color that he wanted finish oredi.


Inside the package.
Helped him to dye his hair
So wat happen to his hair??
The color can't be observed by his hair coz this he dye his hair like 578883 years ago and did not use all of the liquid tat is given i think tat is the problem. 
But his hair color is reflected when it hits the sunlights or light kinda nice.
I love the color.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Cycling Day at BUkit Cahaya

It's cycling day!!!

Actually should post this before the baseball post Click here. Coz i went to cycling on Sunday then Monday i went for baseball!! Went to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam for cycling. Arrived there at 9am.

On tat day many people went cycling, when i arrived i saw a long Q!! OMG i was thinking when is our turn to get our bicycle.

My bro & his frens arrived slightly earlier than me to Q up but unfortunately when it reaches us the bicycle ran out for rental. The worker is opening another workshop which contains old bicycle for rental.

Guess wat we have to Q up again!

So after getting my bicycle is time to cycle!!! OFF WE GO!!

It's super hard to cycle when we reach the up hill. Trust me there is many up hills at Bukit Cahaya.
So we have to stop n rest for a while. Long time nvr exercise the body feels like so old!

 See in we all are pushing our bicycle! coz it is really hard to cycle!!
I dunno how the ppl can cycle at Genting la!


Bf bike 
He's giving up!!!

~Resting Resting~

Posing my DIRTY nike sports shoe!
I can't remember when is the last time i washed it!!
Seems like 17643379 years i never wash that shoe
I'm to lazy to wash thinking of buying a new pair to replace it.
 *evil smile*

Digging up my bottle water
I drank a big bottle and nvr went to toilet 
Guess all the water has turn into sweat!

 We are terrorist beware!!
Jz kidding
I'm a good citizen

View from top
Forgot wat pondok is that oredi is located beside the four seasons there.

Went into the Rumah Empat Musim, which means the house of four seasons.At tat time is Autumn! Last year i went is Winter.

This pic looks like a Japanese Garden
I went to Japan

~Nice rose~

Finish cycling for two hours, we also went to see the flying fox but did not manage to play it need to book first. I think i wanna try it next time.

Till then,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shu Uemura Stage Performer

I get this Shu Uemura Stage Performer for free!!
It's a new product from Shu Uemura
It act as a base
Gives our skin an instant glow


Curious how I get it for free?
Here's the form!!
Print it out and redeem it at their nearest outlet

Then u will get a free

Shu Uemura Stage Performer too!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baseball day!!!

Oh yes
  I went to play base ball!!!
 Wif my bro and his silly frens .

i NEVER play it in my life

So went for a try
off we go to 1Utama (sport zone)
We bought the package for 15min unlimited hit at the price RM25!! (student price)
Is good to be a student!!
Five of us exchange bat and hitting the ball!

Look at my shinning gold helmet
All of them get the old plain black color
the boss so kind he gave me the golden shinning helmet!


Look like Power Ranger 
 "Gold Ranger head"


We choose to hit the 
Soft ball instead of the Baseball
Coz it is easier
for us non Baseball player

Dun get cheated by its name 
it is not as soft as it seems.
kinda hard thought is kinda softer than baseball.

soft ball & gold range helmet

 Hands pain after playing it 

Surprise gift

Received a surprise gift from

Said is a uneatable mooncake
But when i received it,
It was

L' occitane prdoducts


Definitely is no mooncake 
and why he said is mooncake coz the box
looks like one!

For me is they does not lookalike at all

Green color box~~

Wonder wat's inside

Open the box


It contains two item
which is
Shea Butter Hand Cream
Shimmering Lotion (really got bling bling)
Both of them

Have tried it!
makes my skin feel soft ^_^

Thanks dear


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kuala Selangor seafoods!!!

It's a long weekend and i'm having my holiday!
Plus is raya 
Happy Raya!!
 Bf is free!!
So i went to Kuala Selangor (his hometown)
for a holiday and the mission is to eat

Let's go!!!!

Okay unrelated pic
Went to Jeti Restaurant Order three stuff

1: Soft beancurd /Tauhu/Tofo
Watever la
2: Squid/ Sotong is cook in Asam Pedas
Feels like an appitizer

3: O-chen/ Fried oyster pan cake

Tat's was the first day!

On the second day i had


Sweet and sour crab 
From restaurant Jet Mei
Bf said this crab has been on "The Star" newspaper before
*Clap Clap*
This restaurant is located at Kampung Ijok.
On the thrid day i have mantis prawn
But i forgot 2 take pic!!
Wat a waste!!!
Hungry tat time
*Sry sry*
The mantis prawn oni cost Rm.8.50
It is butter milk mantis prawn
i love it so much.
Dun worry i will eat it again n show u the pic.

For day one food = Rm 30
Day two = Rm 32 include fried rice for one person.

It affordable!!!!
Where can u get such a great price of seafood in KL!!
Till then


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

When Domokun meets AnDroid

This is a story about how Domokun meets Android (droid)


This is Domokun if u guys dunno.

While this is Android
He is a green robot is call him droid.
Got this from bf coz he bought HTC Desire 
They gave him this green robot. (droid droid)

Okay this is how they bcome frens~~

At first domo juz wanna say hai to droid
But wit domo fierce face
droid was scared
And turn back
Tsk Tsk

Rawwr is juz a way for domo to said hello~~
Droid was frighten about it
and jz walk away.

But domo stop droid and tell the truth 
Domokun jz wanna be friends wit Android.
So from tat they on they become best friends.

~Lots of love~


I'm so LAME

I'm so boring until i blog this stupid story.
But juz wanna blog about my domo n droid.
Got the android doll long time ago.
So thinking to blog about it when i'm free.
Cz he been sleeping bside me quite some times.

So now im really very very very FREE
tat's y i blog about it
Somebody jz kill me plz!

Plz forgive me of my lameness 
coz i'm in a holiday
i got no plans for today tat's y i'm so free blogging about this.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hummingbird heartbeat

This song keeps on playing on my mind
i'm addicted to this song
to my bro
who introduce me to listen this song.

Hummingbird Heartbeat
 sang by
Katy Perry

From her new album Teenage Dream
Really can't deny that her vocal is great!!

 I google the pic out
 i found this when i was googl-ing it

Wow Katy Perry with 
No bra
No clothes
(hit it 2 enlarge it)
Y no Katy Perry naked one arrr??

Saturday, September 4, 2010

This korean food makes me go.......................

Went to
a Korean BBQ Restaurant
which is located at Solaris kl @ Soho KL

bbq chicken&pork
Hot pot stone rice and forgotten wat's the name ( juz name it cold bihun)

 Starting with their side dish
idk wat to say
they jz give me the impression tat they are


kinda peppery&seasoning taste ( diff than dao rea)
bla bla bla
oh yah
their sup which u can refilled


i guess they use the whole pack of miso soup paste to cook it.

The hot pot rice is just normal
 The cold bihun sup
is hard to bite out
its like eating plastic
but the soup taste kinda nice
i think i oni like the cold soup nt the bihun bt jz the soup of all the meals there.

Idk why but the food does nt taste so nice as Dao Rae

dunno wat is this!!
it taste awful

The meat too kinda long time to cook
and they oni serve plain water as compare to Dao Rae they serve their tea
and after we finish our dinner they did not serve us any fruits or dessert
We are the last customer to leave
i guees their fruits or dessert is out of STOCK!

11 of us went there and have our dinner
The total of this meal oni cost us RM180!!


 Did not hv any of our pics
coz i wanna emphasis on their food
Conclusion the food is so so so so so oni...

I try to Google it to find out others bloggers review
most of them are 2009 post
Bon Ga have a good review and turns out tat
wat they post is diff from wat i hv encounter
so i think their standard oredi drop~~arghhh

I swear i will nvr enter tat restaurant again!!!