Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Winter Lover Bakery House Mille crepe

Went to try out Winter Lover Bakery House feels like small bakery shop which sell home-made bakery stuff. They offered many flavours of mille crepe and macaroon too. They even sells cookies.

Their located on the second floor so when finding the shop do look for its banner hanging on second floor.

Not much picture to take as this shop is really small...

Their flower tea display 
(i think is for sale too)

They sell Durian Macaroon

Red velvet macaroon  looks cute with the sugar love 

Macaroon with marshmallow flavour?

Did not order that Macaroon coz our main motif is to try out their mille crepe. Order their Original flavour and Chocolate Banana.

Hard to describe the taste as I still prefer the Nadeja Mille crepe original flavour..hahahaha because it is still my most favourite mille crepe but wait I can tell is Winter Lover one's does not give the super full feeling after you eat one slice and you still can eat few more slice coz is not so creamy as Nadeja and they have many layer compare to food foundry mille crepe and they do not have the milk taste as food foundry original mille crepe.

While the chocolate banana taste sweet..no comment about tat coz I prefer to eat original flavour. Each piece cost RM9.90 (exp thou) but they offer many types of flavour.

Their located at:

No. 22A-1, Jalan PJU 5/21,
The Strand @ Kota Damansara, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

What to eat in Publika? Ben's General Food store, S.wine, The Bee ?

Thinking about to eat for your lunch /dinner in place like Publika?
Here I would like to share what I have eat in Publika ^_^ 

Basically my very first attempt is to try out journal / plan B restaurant but when I went there I found out that 
B.I.G Ben's Independent Grocer is not just a grocer store!! They even have many types restaurant in there OMG! Saliva dropping 

view of main entrance

Main Entrance

block of goose foie gras

I saw this !! OMG luxury canned food!! 

Ben's General Food Store

First stop is to Ben's General Food Store
Attracted to what they are offering  They offer many types of salad and it looks kinda yummy!

Orecchiette pasta

They even offered Orecchiette pasta!

Orecchiette pasta salad with baby peas ,rocket & parmesan

Orecchiette pasta again wah~~ But I din't order it hahaha..

 Portobello mushroom is my main dish and it comes with a free salad I order seafood salad "I forget the actual salad name". Don't underestimate the Portobello mushroom it makes me super duper full! I like the Portobello mushroom is taste mushroom-my lol....the seafood salad taste grill.. not really fancy the taste but the prawn are fresh enough!

Bf order half chicken and it comes with two salad to choose so I want to order the brinjal salad and he order a baked potatoes  salad "really cant recall the salad real name" The brinjal salad taste so good it have the  fusion taste lolzzz..."taste like chinese style brinjal but it is cold".

Overall  I'm satisfied witht the price and the food they offered, definitely going back and try their pizza next time...hehehehehe

Next stop is S.Wine Cafe ( This is the other week lunch ) it is located inside and deeper in the B.I.G Ben's Independent Grocer do explore it  your self..hahahah  Really hard to find a cafe that offers swine in all of their man course.

S.wine cafe

S.wine cafe they are so 'creative' if you remove the "." it will be SWINE which is pig!! lol and s.wine cafe also offers wine. 

Below are the sneak peak of the menu lol actually I took this picture to remind me the name of what I order and how much it is. ^_^

"Pasta side"

"Pasta side"

"Sandwich side"

"Sandwich side" 

Sausage & Bacon Chunks

Sausage & Bacon Chunks
Plz refer the menu picture for the description.
I like this!! taste not so creamy sumore is pork pasta wahh~~ 

BBQ Chorizo cheeseburger

BBQ Chorizo cheeseburger
 Plz refer the menu picture for the description lol!!

Another picture

Next stop is dessert we went to The Bee for our dessert.

Horlicks ice cream cake

Horlicks ice cream cake
I dont like it & it is exp 
Salted Gula Melaka ice-cream

Salted Gula Melaka ice-cream .
Salty exactly as what they name it!

Quote of the day from a random shop in Publika
Is true thou. 
Next stop will be trying out Plan B!!

Update on the The Red Bean Bag , G-stick & Namoo on the park too!