Monday, June 13, 2011

My first time in Sheffield

Below are things that i hv tried n see in Sheffield..juz a small update....heheheheh

Sheffield KFC yum yum! plz dun judge it taste by its look... super delicious than Malaysia...hahhaha n the chicken are more tender plus the popcorn chicken is super nice...

variety of sauce they offered unlike msia so giam xda mayo n bbq sauce..forgive msia Kfc coz they got thai sauce..UK here xda..hahaha

When i went to Primark on the 2nd floor i was like omg when i saw this! so many sandals to choose from n is super duper cheap 4 pounds to 9 pounds u can oredi get one!!
where to get this in Msia leh!! Primark stuff is damn cheap!

taxi in Sheffield!

1 pound Mars 

dint even know that smarties offer cookies

here under 25 cannot buy alcoholic old...

nice hoodies from H&M

Bacon freak i'm!! muahahha i can eat as much bacon i wan in here~~

damn nice this!! 1 pound oni..

random buildings around

~weeding car ~

get this for free!

another random building

~My uni~

~My uni~

on my way to uni juz 7 min walk~~super near

~free lunch on enrolment day~

yummy blueberry muffin

hard cold chicken rice~lol its true!! the rice here is harder compare to M'sia

salad beans?? idk wats the name oredi! but i do like it!

last but not least dessert! should b summer in UK but y I feel the weather like autumn & winter ??? strong wind and rainy day most of the time... rainy day makes me feel super cold! I wan summer & hot day!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

24 hours journey to UK~

I hv reach UK last thursday~~ its kinda outdate tat i update now...hahaha forgive me coz i'm super busying of buying stuff, shopping, loitering around Sheffield....

Below is a small update of my journey 

~~last pic i took in my dear car~~

departing wit my gang!!

Etihad is my airline to Uk
1st time sit long haul plane is super trying n dehydrated 

cheese snack ewww...

killing time game~

so far away

nasi beriyani ..not nice!

this pasta taste better!

 i order hot choco n they gave me "milo"
so hot choco = milo

heading to Abu Dhabi to change another plane

Abu Dhabi International Airport
looks like shopping mall

random pic of plane

yeah ~~few more hours will reach to Manchester Airport
is been 24 hrs no bath n not enough sleep n not enough water
*stinky me*

~breakfast set, they gave us lamb sausage

view 1

view 2

view 3

view 4

view 5

* all the view are above is where b4 i reach Manchester Airport*

my luggage for 3 months hahah 

my luggage n my gang luggage

this is where I will b hanging around in these 3 months

okay gotta go n take a bath now

~will update soon~
*cross finger*