Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bangkok oh Bangkok

WHAT BANGKOK is all about??? (For me la..)



Been there 4DAYS3NIGHTS and whole day is just about shopping. Shop till my leg patah T_T image we walk for ermm 10 hrs a day~~ juz to shop~~ ahem....i mean explore BKK..hahaha

 many shoes ....but my leg is to large for them T_T
n every time i found the shoe i like, there is always ......
"miss we hv no more size oredi".

belts, accessories, all u can find in this floor ..my fav!!

brushes looks like "mushroom" to me..hehe

super like this shop n their accessories is kinda exp but only this shop selling it~~

wanna buy the red color case..but..but.. EXP!!
550 Baht means RM55 sigh sigh~~T_T

#1 mix pic of us

#3 me

#3 yeeeeeeeeeeeee n is me again 

Mostly shopping at the same place -platinum mall, center point/center world and spent the most over there but went to siam paragon ,siam square, MBK and some malls i can't recall..plus night markets..huhuhuhhu
will update more on the next post~~ stay tune!! (shopping n food post)