Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Krabi Hot Stream & Emerald Pool (DAY3)

We manage to book on a half day trip for hot stream and emerald pool from our hotel.The main reason is we do not want to get a full day trip which goes to tiger cave and riding elephant that is such a waste of time. 

So the half day trip took of at 8.30 am to 2.30pm we reach our hotel by 3pm.

First stop was the Hot stream couldn't recall where was the exact location but we nearly had 45 minutes ride to reach our destination. Our tour lead said the hot stream is good for our face & body thus we only need to soak max 30 minutes.

Sexy back reach the hot stream 

This is the only photo I have capture; we walk about 10 minutes from the main gate to the hot stream and we soak ourselves in is quite small actually and the water is damn hot! (40 degrees) 

So after soaking we head on to the popular emerald pool which located at their National Park. There is a walkway which ready for us to walk and we have to walk out way up to the Emerald pool but the tour guide suggest we head straight to the blue pool first before stopping at the Emerald pool for a swim. Blue pool is located 500m away from the Emerald pool.

Walking along I came by a gigantic moth along the walkways WOW!

I think this is their crystal pool where we are prohibited to swim.

Feel like in China Movie scene as the river water is really clear. 

As you can see the walkway;water is crystal clear feel like having a sip from it!

Crystal clear water almost turning in to emerald color. 

Directory of the National Park!

See water turning greener 

We are getting closer 

Tadah the Emerlad Pool

So we went up to explore the Blue Pool and it was really blue like the swimming pool LOL

Is a really small viewing place for us as we cant go near to the pool tour guide said is dangerous. But you can clap your hands together to watch the bubbles effect from the pool when there is a sound from the clapping hands. So we are clapping our hands all the time hahaha

After take we went back to Emerald Pool for a swim and then head back to the hotel for a rest. That was our half day trip journey!