Monday, June 15, 2015

Private Cruise Charter from Telaga Harbour to Koh Lipe.

If you are sourcing how to get  Koh Lipe from Telaga Harbour you might find this post helpful fred not!

Weeks before flying off from KL (Kuala Lumpur) to LGK (Langkawi), what we do is that we book the ferry transfer which is normally available to be book online but who knows that the schedule of the ferry transfer time only available in the morning and we need the ferry transfer on the noon. 

OMG! We email several ferry operator and even call up the Telaga Harbour office but there was non of the ferry operator had any transfer in the noon time.

It was low peak season for Koh Lipe and the current are high during May, so I guess they limit the ferry transfer time. It was a major mistake back then to not notice this transfer time.

We found one sailing company that offer the transfer during noon with this we proceed going to Koh Lipe with private cruise charter which cost a fortune! But hey! is a once in a lifetime experience for us to experience sailing and we all agreed for this option. 

We contacted Blue Water Star Sailing and they respond us efficiently with the suggested vessel and price. We had 9 pax all together thus Gone Surfin' was the option available for the noon transfer and we secure the booking with 50% deposit. 

Their service was pretty good, Gred help us to prepare documentation for immigration before hand and Captain Toad even call us to make sure our arrival time,documentation and he even share the charter transfer information to us.  

Private Cruise Charter from Telaga Harbour to Koh Lipe

With sailing the transfer time will take a longer duration compare to ferry thus Captain has to make sure we get to Koh Lipe before the sunsets and it is very dangerous for us as we all have no sailing experience before and we might get sea sick due to long sailing hours. 

For sailing the transfer took almost 4-5 hours to reach Koh Lipe and yes by ferry you will only take at least 1-1.5 hours max to reach! Is very time consuming but hey is sailing yo! How often you get to sail (positive vibes)? Sailing are very dependable on the wind so if we get more wind we sail faster.  

Private Cruise Charter interior

As the time comes we are just getting laid by the sun and had a good nap through out trip. 

But I was lucky enough! Captain Toad spotted a whale flipping his tail several times and I got to witness it with my bare eyes when others had already knock off in to their dreamland.

It was another OMG experience witnessing whale flipping tail twice is total worth the fees for this transfer. If only they flip their whole body then it will be a big bonus! (greedy).

So would you splurge on sailing?

Sailing from Telaga Harbour to Koh Lipe

You might get to witness a whale or dolphin!