Tuesday, May 31, 2011

An update before the end of May

Last sunday wented to marche to have my tea time but it just turn out to be our dinner...zzzzzzzzz.....so tea time at marche failed~~hahahaha
This time I get to order rostti!! yeah!!!

smoked turkey ham rostti

Chicken Pizza
Nice!!! juicy tomato they have~~

bought some lip product from burts bee to prevent my stupid sry lips while i'm at UK~~ now they having threesome promotion buy every two item get the 3rd free~~ hahaha so i bought two~~ tinted lip balm gives my lips color and it acts like at lip balm that will give my lips protection but it does not contain "spf" like the medicated one ~~ y they cant do all in one leh?? *earn money startegy* make me buy so many~~

Oh pic above shows tat i'm dilemma thinking wat nail polishn stickers to bring over UK!! its summer! n hav to take some bright colors go to polish up my nails but bring it over there is like not so important but i cant let my nails go naked to the public...sigh~~~ mayb i juz buy one nail polish there (but i wanna save money)..zzzzzz...
see dilemma again~~~