Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seoul Itinerary Blog Post 7D6N (October 2013)

Note post is a copy from my blog as I planned to shift to wordpress since is more convenient. Will start blogging on two sides as I haven't finish understanding wordpress. Now back to the topic.
My travel period was on the 14-20 October 2013 (7 days 6 Nights) Itinerary to share with you guys. This only a summary itinerary, details will be cover in other post.
Day 1
Arrival at Incheon Airport at 3.20pm (have a light meal by purchasing chicken teriyaki sandwich from 7-11 on the arrival hall next to skin food & reload T-money) Hop on to AREX (Airport Rail Express) to Honggik University Station (Hongdae Station) to make a transfer to Chungjeongno Station.
Check in Brown Resident at Chungjeongno Station (Line 2/5 Exit 4)
Dinner at Palsaik Samgyupsal ( 8 flavours grilled samgyupsal) this is the best grilled samgyupsal I had in my entire life highly recommended! This restaurant is very famous and is located at Sinchon Station (Line 2 Exit 6)
Have some dessert at Twosome Cafe after that at Shichon branch and walk lottering around Sinchon and we called it a day!
Day 2 
It was rainy all the day and the lowest temperature was 9 degrees. Journey to Sokcho which is is located at the north-east of Korea so is nearer to the sea they have a lot of harbour around. Mt Seorak is the main reason to stop by at  Sokcho.
Headed to Dong Seoul bus terminal to purchase our bus ticket to Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal. Dong Seoul bus terminal it is located at Gangbyeon Subway Station (Line 2 Exit 4). (Dong Seoul bus terminal is just opposite of the exit)
Tips: when purchasing the ticket to Sokcho, inform the counter to get a express bus ticket and it will take 2 hours and 15 minutes to reach Sokcho Intercity Bus Terminal while the normal ticket  will take up to 3 hours. Cost for single trip is 17,300 won.
Sokcho Express Bus & City Bus Route

Check in at Casa Seorak for a night stay. Highly recommend this B&B in Sokcho! The owner Mr Jun Hwa was very nice and friendly and the B&B was very relaxing indeed it feels like home.
Casa Seorak at Sokcho nice place to stay
Casa Seorak at Sokcho
Grab some light food at Tiamo Coffee Shop that sells New York hot dogs their fries was awesome. Is rainy heavily thus we shelter there for a while and then we headed to Daepo harbour by using bus number 7 or 7-1.
Daepo Harbour at Sokcho
Daepo Harbour at Sokcho
Daepo Harbour offers wide variety of seafood compare to others harbour around Sokcho it is just beside the famous Sokcho Beach. Their seafood are really fresh! (will update on my food post)

Day 3

On the next morning we depart to Mt Seorak (Seoraksan) by using the same bus by using bus number 7 or 7-1 from our bus station located near to Casa Seorak. From the bus station to  the main gate of Mt Seorak National Park took 30 minutes. Then you need to purchase cable car ticket, please be early as the cable car ticket sold out kinda fast.
Mt Seorak
Mt Seorak check point
What a beautiful view.
Autumn Leaves at Mt. Seorak
Autumn Leaves at Mt. Seorak
Day 4
Theme Park Day! This time we went to Everland since last trip we went to Lotte World theme park. The fastest way to Everland is take subway to Jamsil Station (Line 2 Exit 8 ) and then take Bus number 5700 this is way faster than taking the bus from Gangnam Station since the subway travel route from Chungjeongno Station to Gangnam Station was 44 minutes and the interval bus to Everland at Gangnam Station was 1 hour once compare to Jamsil Station 20 minutes once.
You will reach Everland Bus station and ride the free shuttle bus once you reach there.
Everland T-express
Everland T-express
Tips: Get the Q-pass which is FREE OF CHARGE at the ticket counter near the T-Express, if you want to ride the T-express and print out this Everland Discount ticket!
T- Express Q Pass at Everland
T- Express Q Pass at Everland
Day 5
Is leisure day and we went to Myeong-Dong to have our breakfast. Myong-Dong Gyoja is the best food to have in Myeong-Dong and then we register ourself to get our free hanbok experience at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center  which is located at M Plazza Level 5(same building with Zara)
Hanbok at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
Free Hanbok Experience at Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center
We shop a while around myeong-dong. Personally I like the Olive & Young store (the biggest store in myeong-dong) that offers direct tax refund and the store is connected to Twosome Cafe as well.
After Hanbok experience we went to get some dessert at Cafe Bene. Then we went to Shilla Duty Free nearest subway was Dongguk University Station ( Line 3 Exit 6)
Note: Exit 5 is the nearest way to reach Shilla Duty Free but the exit was closed during that time.
After that we spilt up and I went to Lotte Mart to get some snacks while the rest went to Namsam Park (since I have been to there I did not went back again this timeLotte Mart was located at Seoul Station (Line 1/4 Exit 1).
Day 6
Another leisure day and we spilt in to two groups as well I did not went to Nami Island (since I’m not a big fan of winter sonata) I went to explore around some area that I did not covered on my last trip.
Thus I make my way to Tongin Market to get some famous ttebokki but before I reach  Tongin Market I saw Tosokchon (the famous Gingseng Chicken Restaurant) was not pack and had my breakfast there. Lucky indeed as we went out, the line was really long and packed. (reach time 11.30am). Tongin Market and Tosokchon is located near to Gyeongbokgung Station ( Line 3 Exit 2)
Next we went to have our dessert so we went to Angguk Station  and walk our way to Samcheong-dong and personally I really like Samcheong-dong is really beautiful and fresh all the houses and buildings have their own style and Samcheong-dong is really near to Hanok Village. You can find beautiful cafe, restaurants and shops around Samcheong-dong.
Samcheong-dong Autumn
We walk our walk from Angguk Station to Samcheong-dong and then to National Folk Museum of Korea the whole area filled with local tourist and it is a very artistic place indeed and few Arts exhibition and museum are located in that area.
View behind Gyeongbokgung Palace
View behind Gyeongbokgung Palace
From National Folk Museum of Korea (just located behind Gyeongbokgung Palace)   we walk our way to Insadong which is very near and I went Ssamzigil a very famous places that offers Arts & Craft items.
Ssamzigil at Insadong
Day 7
Depart to Airport on 6 am. The Subway opens at 5.33am
Stay tuned on my details trip, food and haul post! It will be more details ^_^