Friday, May 27, 2011

Yesterday & Lx5

Its been a while tat i din update...coz im lazy n there is nothing for me to blog about coz im in my hometown relaxing hahaha~~ well dun worry i will b going to UK for 3 months definitely there is something for me to blog about..hehehehe

Went to Levain yesterday for some macaroons  before i collect my airticket. will be flying off soon T_T

#1 order 5 pieces of macroons

#2 close up view

#3 pistachio flavour bf <3

#4 Bf bought LX5 for me Thank You dear!! muackss
bokeh with Lx5 hahahaha

#5 million thanks in pic above hahaahha

The pic from 1-3 were taken using hole mode~~ nice

~Till then~