Thursday, November 25, 2010

HATS!! hate it or love it!!

I kinda like hats~ they make me look edgy
But i do not own one of it T_T
Planing to buy it...wahahahaha share $$$$ wif my bro cox is damn exp la~

White hat looks nice~~
            *Ignore my eye lazy to edit it. using vignette mode to capture its darken my eye 

Dun be shock i juz back from igloo~~ 
Fury hat??~~ idk wat it calls?? 

Tat's my bro~~
we definitely look alike

 Love this pic~~
the hat matches my outfit
but the hat actually much more bigger than my head.

* Kinda busy bcoz of asssssssignnnnnnnnnmennnnnnnnnntt! arghhh someone have ruin my schedule!!