Saturday, July 9, 2011

B my macro shoot

Yeah finally get a chance to take "macro picture"!Playing with my lx5! *woots* n its been a while that I went missing again..hahaha...."forgive me"....So lets have a look at my macro pic~~

Tadah~~ ok actually this is not the one~~


Tadah~~ nice???? its kinda hard to take the bee coz it keep buzzing n flying around~~ like it so much~~

Oh n i went to Clifford tower as well~~~muahahahahah

Went to York and i love it so much~~ pic above is the York Minister (i miss it so much n i dunno y)......
Will fully blog on the York trip,plz b patient..hahhaha n tomorrow I'm going to Liverpool & Cheshire Oak plus i gotta feeling tat I'm gonna spend $$$$$$$$ much in Cheshire Oak ! oh plz.....i need to control...

Okays...gotta go to bed now!! nitez!