Monday, May 24, 2010

Yeah Yeah I won an invitation to DiGi Break Free party !!!!

Don't believe it? 
Here's the prove (muahahahahaha evil laugh)

Mail from nuffnang (hehehe)
Thanks to Digi & Nuffnang 
 for the invites

For those who wonder how can i win it or wanna win the invites to "DiGi Break Free party" where u can dress like Prisoners and Villains!  

Like this

Or this

You can Click here 
Or Here  for more details
U can try ur luck but hurry the contest ends by 26 MAY 2010!!!

If u are smart enough to blog about "Why Smartphones can be Dumbphones”.


 Yeah Digi always the smarter choice to make ur Smartphone into a SMARTERPHONE!

P/S: hmmmmmmm what should i dress for the party????