Friday, January 25, 2013

DIY glass photo frame

DIY photo frame with minimal cost! First you got to wash out those pretty pictures of your's! I wash my photo in 2R size. You can choose portrait or landscape photo's this will be depending on the glass bottle that you want to use later on.

Photo from top: taken in N Seoul tower @ Seoul , Pavillion x mas décor & lastly at Chatime Gallery during Big Bang Concert in Malaysia 

Okay what you need now is a empty & clean glass bottles despite the size which you prefer to place your photo in it.  My bottle was from an Kaya paste from Lavender. Then what you need a just few cuts of colourful paper in any color that you prefer and some ribbon for you to tie the cover of the bottle. 

So I just chunk in some used colour paper of my choice and choose a landscape photo's and it fits perfectly in to the glass bottle adding a flower shape ribbon to give a nice finish up!  

And I did a semi pattern beige board for my boring  background at my living room area ^_^
It is quite easy just get any unwanted boxes (brown boxes which is solid enough) and get some few design of paper of our prefer patterns. You can either stick it with glue or double sided tape or staple it.

Tadah!! this is the outcome! Besides that, the round frame was made buy using a coaster! Just get some pattern designed paper and wrap up your coaster and then stick your prefer photo on to it and then is done! So easy to make a pretty DIY frame! 

Flying off to Singapore tomorrow cant wide to have a roller coaster ride in Universal Studios hahaha!