Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watching a Saturday movie with a STUDENT PRICE!!!!

Me & bf really use student price to watch movie at Saturday!!!
Plus is an evening movie!!
We watched
The sorcerer's apprentice.
Dun believe??
Here's the proof!!!
We just watch it yesterday!!

Where can u get this offer??
Actually we bought our ticket online.
100% is that GSC system appear problem on their e-ticketing!
And the good news is they din even charge us for extra money!!
I know when we collect the ticket at tat time ,
We still can purchase a student ticket on their web
hmmmmm poor IT department sure will get scold from their manager.
If half of the hall ppl purchase through on9, they r making a huge lost!!
But is a good deal for me!!!

p/s: no spoiler here...go watch the movie yourself!!!
p/s/s: it is i nice movie with nice sound effect plus if u like one republic secret u can here this song played quite few times in this movie coz the song is their original soundtrack for this movie!!