Saturday, September 4, 2010

This korean food makes me go.......................

Went to
a Korean BBQ Restaurant
which is located at Solaris kl @ Soho KL

bbq chicken&pork
Hot pot stone rice and forgotten wat's the name ( juz name it cold bihun)

 Starting with their side dish
idk wat to say
they jz give me the impression tat they are


kinda peppery&seasoning taste ( diff than dao rea)
bla bla bla
oh yah
their sup which u can refilled


i guess they use the whole pack of miso soup paste to cook it.

The hot pot rice is just normal
 The cold bihun sup
is hard to bite out
its like eating plastic
but the soup taste kinda nice
i think i oni like the cold soup nt the bihun bt jz the soup of all the meals there.

Idk why but the food does nt taste so nice as Dao Rae

dunno wat is this!!
it taste awful

The meat too kinda long time to cook
and they oni serve plain water as compare to Dao Rae they serve their tea
and after we finish our dinner they did not serve us any fruits or dessert
We are the last customer to leave
i guees their fruits or dessert is out of STOCK!

11 of us went there and have our dinner
The total of this meal oni cost us RM180!!


 Did not hv any of our pics
coz i wanna emphasis on their food
Conclusion the food is so so so so so oni...

I try to Google it to find out others bloggers review
most of them are 2009 post
Bon Ga have a good review and turns out tat
wat they post is diff from wat i hv encounter
so i think their standard oredi drop~~arghhh

I swear i will nvr enter tat restaurant again!!!