Monday, August 27, 2012

Namoo Publika

Namoo On the park Korean dessert Cafe & Bistro

WOW that's a long name I guess... But they are really on the park!! you can bring kids to play on their park ^_^

Main entrance on from the Publika Mall

Main entrance on from the Publika Mall but I entered from the park LOL
No pictures coz the park is dark =_=

main menu

Menu main page their description so long but yet worth to read
They use hanger to clip their menu so creative 

namoo tissue

They even have a hook under the table so considerate 

seafood soup with rice

Bf choice seafood soup with rice 
Taste buttery they also put beef inside 

Pattaya fried rice

Pattaya fried rice

Kimchi Fried Rice  Namoo

Lol kidding is actually
Kimchi Fried Rice
Taste: Normal 

Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake
Sweet Potato Cake

Sweet Potato Cake Side View

Looks slimy the taste errr swetet potato taste does not really fancy it plus it comes with ice cream vanilla ice cream I think it is nestle vanilla ice cream.

Wanna try out their pumpkin cake next time I think I would like tat even more !

Overall I will come back for their dessert not their main course I guess Hahahaha~~

Since Publika has many choice of restaurant to dine in !!