Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My bF went to see HOT AIR BALLOON without ME!!! T_T

I think everyone heard of the Putrajaya hot air balloon fair on last week and most of the newspaper have publish the hot air balloon picture.
Sad case is that I din not have a chance to go there T_T
My bf went with his frens on the 1st day and it was crowded like hell since 6am.
I can go there due to WORK sigh!!
So to comfort myself i stole some picture from my bf and share it to u guys to make me feel that I have been there (wahahahaha)
Did not steal la ask permission already just wanna share with everyone that have the same condition like me can't go there (see i'm so good)

Nice rite? so colorful the balloons

This pic shows the other balloon like no gas and that guy in the middle kacau oni!
But overall still nice la (my bf take one mah

They even got this to play i forgot what name is thing oredi (plz tell me if anyone knows)

  Lastly is this pic is the Menara Alaf Baru  dunno wat's tat
But for me it looks like coconut tree without the leaves (hahaaha juz kiding la)
My bf changes the sky color to purple color.

P/s:All pictures credited to River Lim (my bf la wahahahah) can't praise him too much later he will fly~~
p/s/s: He can't take all the balloons coz when he reeach some of them flew to other destinantion. (wasted)
p/s/s: Do enjoy yah wit the pictures!!